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Malachi 1:11

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Esteban Toloza: "How Glorious is our King Jesus!"

Posted January 6, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

From his recent missions report, Esteban shares with us the comfort he has found in being reminded that Jesus is the ultimate King, Prophet, and Priest, and the One to whom all the Scriptures point. Pray for this young pastor, and for the church that has been entrusted to shepherd, along with his co-pastor Nicolas Serrano, that the Lord might grant an increasing knowledge of Himself to all of the brothers and sisters in Family of Grace church... Keep Reading

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Wehrner Pancorbo: Not Growing Discouraged

Posted December 30, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Wehrner Pancorbo has been serving as a church planter in Cuzco, Peru over the past two years. He writes about some of the current difficulties in the local church, and also shares about the encouragement they are finding in the Gospel and in simple obedience to Christ.... Keep Reading

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Rogelio Acea: Giving Testimony of His Transforming Power

Posted December 26, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Rogelio Acea shares the teaching and counseling responsibilities at a church in downtown Lima, Peru. He also has been given the opportunity to teach and counsel at a local drug rehabilitation center, where he is ministering to men who are enslaved to the very addictions he was once immersed in. Please continue praying for Rogelio as he seeks to make Christ known to these men.... Keep Reading

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Nicomedes is the pastor of a church in the northern mountains of Peru. In addition to caring for the flock in the local church, he also serves as a missionary to the far stretches of the region of Pacaipampa, where there are many towns that remain without a single Christian. In this brief report, he shares his burden for these places, and asks us to join with him in praying that the Lord might raise up a people who fear Him in each of those towns. ... Keep Reading

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Ivan Tassara: Preaching, Teaching, and Counseling

Posted December 19, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

For nearly three years, Ivan Tassara has served as a church planter in Nueva Esperanza on the outskirts of Sullana, Peru. In this report, he writes about fruit he is seeing God bring forth through the preaching of His Word. He also shares about his desire to train some of the men in the congregation in foundational Gospel truths, and be more intentional in individual counseling visits with each member of the church. Please pray that the Lord would give this young pastor wisdom and power as he seeks to lead this new body of believers.... Keep Reading

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Arturo Marin: November Missions Report

Posted December 16, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

The following is the most recent missions report from Arturo Marin, a HeartCry missionary laboring in town of San Rafael, Peru. He shares some of his experiences, challenges, and encouragements during different visits to families throughout the month of November, and also offers us many different ways in which we can be serving with him through our prayers. ... Keep Reading

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Nicolas Serrano: "What does the Lord have planned?"

Posted December 12, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Nicolas shares about the recent increase in the number of people contacting them with requests for help. After several years of praying for revival, Nicolas is hopeful that this might be the beginning of the Lord responding to their request. He pleads with us as well to ask the Lord to send revival across the needy land of Argentina, for the advancement of Christ's fame.... Keep Reading

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Rogelio Acea, serving as a teacher and evangelist in a difficult district of LIma, shares about how the Lord turned seemingly gloomy circumstances during his wife's illness into an opportunity for His kingdom to go forth in Dos de Mayo hospital in Lima, Peru. Please pray for Rogelio and his wife as they continue to minister among the patients of Dos de Mayo hospital.... Keep Reading

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Esteban Toloza: More Harvest than Laborers

Posted December 3, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Laboring as one of the pastors of a church plant in Rosario, Argentina, Esteban writes with regard to the constant need for more laborers in a land with such a plentiful harvest. He shares with us the burden he has to see solid churches planted across the nation.... Keep Reading

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In the month of October, Sugel Michelén taught a series of sermons in Spanish on Biblical Theology: Jesus in all the Bible.  The series can be found here. En octubre, Sugel Michelén enseñó una serie de predicaciones sobre el tema de la Teología Bíblica: Jesus a través de toda la Biblia. La serie se puede encontrar aquí.... Keep Reading

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