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Wehrner Pancorbo: A growing church in Cuzco

Posted November 19, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Earlier this year, Wehrner Pancorbo moved from Chiclayo to begin a church plant in Cuzco, where he was raised. The following is a portion of a recent missions report regarding the fruit they have seen in the congregation over the past month. Praise God for the work he is doing in this young congregation, and let us labor with Wehrner in prayer for the strengthening of the church and for the salvation of the vast multitudes who have yet to bow the knee to Christ in that city.... Keep Reading

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"Thank You" Video: Boat for Ministry in Peru's Jungles

Posted November 14, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

As mentioned in a blog post last month, through those who support HeartCry we were able to purchase a boat for ministry among native pastors in the jungles of Peru. The two men that will be using the boat to travel along the Huallaga and Marañón rivers (with the purpose of training men and evangelising villages) have put together a video thanking those who helped make this gift possible. Please continue to pray for the ministry of these brothers among church leaders in Peru's jungles.... Keep Reading

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Luis Siancas sends a report after his trip to the mountains of Peru to teach pastors and other leaders of churches throughout the region. He also expresses gratitude to those who support HeartCry for making possible the donation of Bibles for many believers who were present at the conference.... Keep Reading

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Read an update from Nicolás Serrano en Rosario Argentina. Along with Esteban Toloza, Nicolás helped to plant Grace Family Church in 2010, and since it began the work has been very blessed of the Lord. Pray that the Lord would continue to help these two young pastors as they seek to lead the congregation in Rosario in the true knowledge of our God.... Keep Reading

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From a recent report from the field, Javier explains how the Lord turned an armed assault into a chance for him to preach the Gospel. Surrounded by crime and violence in Paita, Peru, Javier asks us to pray for the protection of his family and the salvation of the people in the city.... Keep Reading

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HeartCry missionary José Luis Siancas in northern Peru explains how three men who were lost in the world have been brought to his congregation by the mercy of the Lord. All three of them are now attending the church regularly with their families, and Luis is asking all of us to join with him in praying for them. May the Lord firmly establish each of them in the faith and build them up in our Savior Jesus Christ.... Keep Reading

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Micah Tuttle sends an update from Tarapoto, Peru, regarding the boat that the Lord enabled HeartCry to purchase for ministry among native pastors in the jungle. "El Chasqui del Rey" (The King's Messenger) will be used by Micah, Jairo S., and others to travel along the Huallaga and Marañon rivers for evangelism and pastoral training among indigenous leaders. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless this ministry and pray for the men that will be helped through this ministry tool.... Keep Reading

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Carlos Garcia: Church Construction and Ministry Update

Posted October 4, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

The following is an excerpt from Carlos Garcia's most recent update from Jorge Basadre, Sullana, in the northern region of Peru. Through the generous giving of donors, HeartCry was able to provide this church with improvements for the chapel, including a much needed roof to provide better security and protect it from the frequent theft and other crime that permeates this very dangerous district of Sullana. In this report, Carlos gives us an update on the construction process and also gives us a glimpse into the life of the church. Let's join with Carlos in prayer for the brothers and sisters in Sullana, and also for the salvation of the lost multitudes surrounding them.... Keep Reading

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Bibles for Native Pastors in Peru

Posted October 1, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

A few weeks ago, HeartCry was able to send 50 Study Bibles for native pastors who met for a week of teaching and training in the jungles of Peru, led by Jario S. Most of the men traveled a very great distance from the villages in the surrounding region to meet in Pucallpa, located in the eastern jungles along the Ucayali River. While all of the leaders that were present speak Spanish, they also speak at least one other native language, and among the 60 or so men, there were 19 different languages represented.... Keep Reading

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Update on Martin Bucer Seminary in Brazil

Posted September 19, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

This past week I had the opportunity along with Anthony Mathenia, a member of the HeartCry board, to visit and meet with the leaders of the Martin Bucer Seminary in Brazil, with which HeartCry began a partnership earlier this year. The seminary is located in one of the country’s most prosperous and industrially advanced cities, Sao Jose dos Campos, which is about an hour northwest of the city of Sao Paulo.... Keep Reading

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