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Pray for Peru Pastors' Conference - March 23-26

Posted March 20, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

From March 23-26, there will be a conference for Peruvian pastors on the theme of Biblical Counseling. Oscar Arocha, pastor of Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia in the Dominican Republic, will be the main speaker. The conference is the kick-off of this year of courses for the Lima seminary, Centros Teológicos Bautistas, founded by Bristish missionary David Barnes. HeartCry has worked closely with the seminary over the past years, both through financial support as well as partnering with them ... Keep Reading

Ivan Tassara.Projector01Though the church in Nueva Esperanza, where HeartCry missionary Ivan Tassara is pastoring, is just over two years old, the Lord has done a special work of salvation in bringing many people to Himself, and also granting a unique measure of grace in the maturity and life of the congregation. By God’s grace, a group of ... Keep Reading

Nicomedes Saavedra: Update from Pacaipampa, Peru

Posted March 16, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Nicomedes Saavedra is the pastor of a church in San Lazaro, Pacaipampa, in the northern mountains of Peru. In this missions report, he gives us an opportunity to pray for the men that he is preparing for pastoral ministry, evangelistic outings, and a severe drought that is causing concern through the region. Pray that the Lord would make the work of Nicomedes' hands fruitful for the advancement of Christ's glory in Pacaipampa.... Keep Reading

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Nicolas Serrano: Taking That Which Is His

Posted March 9, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Nicolas, serving as the pastor of Family of Grace Church in Rosario Argeinta, shares with us about the miraculous work of salvation that God has performed in the life of Matias. Rescuing him from a life of sin, lost in depression and addiction to video games, God has brought him to a knowledge of the glory of Christ for which he cannot keep silent. Pray that Matias might continue to grow in the knowledge of our Savior, and that his life might be used as an instrument to bring many more to the feet of Christ.... Keep Reading

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Esteban Toloza writes about the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of the church, and the type of expectation we ought to have for His extraordinary intervention. He also shares with us his concerns about some of the tendencies he is seeing in what is widely known as the reformed movement in Argentina. Please pray for the nation of Argentina, that there might be such a work of the Holy Spirit as Esteban is describing in these lines, and that there might be a true reformation, as millions turn to God with their whole heart.... Keep Reading

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In addition to pastoring the church in Sullana, Peru, Jose Luis also devotes much of his effort toward the training of pastors and teachers in other parts of northern Peru. He is one of the main teachers of the Bible Institute for pastors in the mountain regions of Morropon and Pacaipampa, where there are around 55 pastors studying in order to be able to understand and teach the Scriptures with greater clarity. In order to help toward that end, HeartCry has provided Jose Luis with a computer an... Keep Reading

Urbano Gomez: Teaching What We've Learned

Posted February 23, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Urbano Gomez is a missionary in the mountain region of Pacaipampa in northern Peru. He devotes his time to traveling, often great distances, through the mountains and visiting different churches to meet with and teach the leaders of the churches as well as encourage the believers. In this report he shares some of his recent church visits and also explains how he has been able to take what he learned from the pastors conference in Piura earlier in the month and instruct other pastors and teachers in the Word.... Keep Reading

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Ministry Tool: SUV for Javier Carhuapoma

Posted February 20, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

In order to enable Javier to travel through the mountains to visit HeartCry missionaries and other church plants, HeartCry has provided him with an SUV. This vehicle will be able to endure the rugged terrain of the northern Andes, where the pavement quickly runs out, leaving rutted out dirt roads winding around steep cliffs and inclines.... Keep Reading

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Ivan Tassara writes a report on the Lord's work in the midst of the church plant in Nueva Esperanza. He shares about the believers' growth as they are standing firm against the enemy's attacks and growing in love for God's Word. He also shares about a new opportunity to minister to a family in the city center, where Ivan has a burden to reach with the Gospel.... Keep Reading

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Wehrner Pancorbo: Pray For Inquirers After Salvation

Posted February 16, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Wehrner has been serving for over two years now as a church planter in Cuzco, Peru. In this report he expresses his gratitude to the Lord for the time He has permitted Wehrner and his family to serve Him there. He also asks us to pray for two struggling families that the Lord has brought into their lives, knowing that they can find ultimate reconciliation and peace in nothing other than the Gospel, and in no one other than Jesus Christ.... Keep Reading

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