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The following is an email that I received from Jose Luis on Friday, sharing about a very scary moment for him and his wife. As they were riding home on their motorcycle, they were attacked by armed robbers. By the grace of God, neither of them was struck by the bullets, though the shots were fired from less than five feet away. Jose Luis asks us to both rejoice with them in the glory of God seen in His care for them, and also to pray fervently for them as they face these types of dangers on a daily basis in a difficult city in northern Peru.... Keep Reading

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April was a month of great rejoicing in Family of Grace Church as they witnessed three sisters publicly proclaim their identity with Christ in baptism. The testimonies in this report are of two of those women, an aunt and her niece, who have been won to Christ by His overwhelming grace. Please pray for Sonia and Sheila in their new life in our Savior. Pray that they would continue growing in Him the same way they have begun, repenting and believing in the all-sufficiency and supremacy of Christ.... Keep Reading

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Nicolás Serrano: Micaela's Perseverance in Christ

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April was a month of great rejoicing in Family of Grace Church as they witnessed three sisters publicly proclaim their identity with Christ in baptism. As part of his April missions report, Nico tells us about one of those sisters, Micaela, in whom the Lord has done a wonderful work of salvation and whom He has mightily preserved against the attacks of darkness. Pray for our new sister! Pray that the Lord would cause the roots of Micaela's faith to extend deeper and deeper into the life giving streams of water that are found in Jesus Christ.... Keep Reading

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Last week, pastors from across Peru's jungles came together for a week of training carried out by Reaching and Teaching ministries, headed by David Sills. Every few months Reaching and Teaching ministries travels down for these week-long trainings for jungle pastors, gathering in the small village of Chazuta along the Huallaga River. Since 2014, HeartCry has worked toward providing the pastors that faithfully attend the courses with a basic pastoral library. During the most recent gather of past... Keep Reading

A Blessed Week of Training in Northern Peru

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Thank you for praying for the training module for pastors and teachers in northern Peru. The Lord granted everyone safe travel, and also provided an encouraging time of fellowship and fruitful instruction for the pastors of Pacaipampa. Fifty-four men were able to spend five intensive days in a small church building studying the Doctrines of the Scriptures along with Expository Preaching. In addition to the teaching, the men also received Wayne Grudem's "Systematic Theology" along with John MacAr... Keep Reading

Spanish "Clouds without Water" DVDs

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For some time, HeartCry has been working to translate and add Spanish dubbing to Justin Peters' teaching series "Clouds without Water," or "Nubes sin Agua." The finished product came in today, with the shipment of around 1,000 DVDs! "Clouds without Water" is an extremely helpful 6-hour teaching series exposing the false claims of the Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel movements. This series is greatly needed in Latin America, where so-called evangelicalism is swamped with many such false claim... Keep Reading

Pastors Training in Pacaipampa, Peru

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Today begins a five day training in the region of Pacaipampa, Peru. Around 55 pastors and teachers traveled yesterday many hours through the mountains and the rain to a small town of Pacaipampa called San Luis. Throughout this week, the 55 men will be meeting in a small church building, receiving instruction on the topics of Expository Preaching and the Doctrine of the Scriptures, taught by HeartCry missionaries Jose Luis Siancas and Javier Carhuapoma. Along with the teaching, all of the pastors will receive John MacArthur's book on preaching and Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology.... Keep Reading

Ivan Tassara: Providential Encounters and More Rain

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Ivan is the pastor of Jesus is the Only Hope, which is a church plant in Nueva Esperanza on the outskirts of Sullana, Peru. In this report he shares with us how he has seen the Lord's providence in bringing him back into contact with a woman he had shared the Gospel with several years ago. He also asks us to pray for the difficult rainy season that is making life challenging in Sullana.... Keep Reading

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In 2013, HeartCry donated "El Chasqui del Rey" (The King's Messenger) to missionaries Micah Tuttle and Jairo Sangama for travel along the Huallaga River in Peru's jungles. In this short clip from a recent trip up the Huallaga, Micah expresses his thankfulness once again for those who made the gift possible and shares how the boat continues to be used for ministry throughout the villages that lie along the river. By God's grace, the boat has been used to reach more people with the Gospel and to train up faithful men for the work of the ministry. Please continue to pray for the work in the jungle, as there remains a seemingly endless need for more laborers to care for and shepherd the churches throughout the region.... Keep Reading

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Arturo and his family live in the northern jungles of Peru in the department of San Martin. He pastors the Baptist Church of San Rafael and also helps train other pastors in the region. In this report he shares with us about the continued challenges they face as a result of the recent flood and also about the different opportunities he had this month to proclaim the glories of Christ.... Keep Reading

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