That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Jorge_oxapampa 1I had the opportunity to speak to a group of people that were not Christians at a recent event in a nearby town. The church has a social program for the community, and they invited me to come and preach the Good News to more than forty people from that town. I gave a call to believe in Jesus Christ as the ... Keep Reading

Literature Distribution in Cuba

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Cuba_Gospel Workbooks                   The Lord continues to work through the literature distribution ministry in Cuba! Thousands of people have received the workbook “Knowing the Living God” by Paul Washer. Those that have completed the first work... Keep Reading

Juan Pablo_Copa ChicoThe work of God in the church continues advancing little by little here in the Andes Mountains. We are continuing to evangelize in the towns around us and discipling new believers. At the moment, I am discipling three people as they prepare to obey Jesus in the ordinance of baptism. In the towns ... Keep Reading

Jose Luis Siancas _ preaching in mountains.JPGI traveled this month with pastor Silvio Valdez to a place called Pueblo Nuevo in Playas de Romero. It’s about five hours away from Sullana, in the rural mountains near the border with Ecuador. We got there Saturday, and that night many believer... Keep Reading

Jorge Marsano_Baptisms 2As I write to you all, I’m very grateful for the way you have supported my family. We are celebrating three years of ministry in Oxapampa. The work here has been both pleasant and difficult. There have been smooth seasons, and hard seasons, joys and hardships. But in all of it, God... Keep Reading

Carlos Garcia -- 01This month we have been meeting with the church members in different homes during the week, especially in the homes of the brothers and sisters that are going through very difficult times in terms of their health. A group of brothers have also been visiting members of the church in their homes to maint... Keep Reading

Peru-999-999Below, pastor Segundo Gonzales shares the testimonies of two men that were recently baptized in Chiclayo, Peru. In both cases, the Lord used the faithful witness of Nancy, a member of the church, as she shared the gospel with each of these men while receiving treatment at a medical clinic. It is a good reminder of... Keep Reading

Wilmer2My prayer is that the Lord will continue opening doors to preach the gospel here and around Pampa Flores. Along with the members of our church, we have started going to two different villages in order to preach the gospel. To get to one of them is about an hour of travel, and they have allowed us to use a common meeting are... Keep Reading

Peru-447-447 (1)I met a businessman for whom everything is going very well—or, better stated, almost everything. He has a good job, lots of money, a family, he’s able to travel, etc. He has a very comfortable life. We had just met and while we were eating a meal he began to tell me about his accomplishments and ... Keep Reading

Peru-561-561The Lord gave me and my wife a wonderful blessing this month. We were visited by a young couple, who are also friends of ours. They knocked on our door and said they needed help in their marriage. This is the first opportunity I have had to give marital counseling to a young couple, and I knew that I needed to pra... Keep Reading

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