That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Stella is the wife of Marshal Kasongo, a church planter in Chipulukusu in Ndola, Zambia. Iwas raised in a Pentecostal church, so my past understanding of conversion was based on speaking in tongues. At that time, when anyone showed this ability, I was certain that that person was saved; but these were false assumptions about what it means to be conformed to Christ. I lived like that, believing it was normal for people to possess that “gift.” Now, ever since I became reformed in my t... Keep Reading

Gladys is the wife of Arturo Marin, who pastors a Baptist church in San Martin, Peru. I was born in the city of Lima, Peru, and I was converted to Christ when I was a young girl. I met Arturo in the Baptist Church of Chorrillos. Being two very incompatible people, it is quite impressive how the Lord joined us together in marriage and then called us to missionary work. It was also impressive how the Lord providentially prepared us for the work of missions during the time that Arturo was put in t... Keep Reading

Lena is the wife of Vitalii Rusnac, a church planter in Cernauti, Ukraine. I am very thankful to God because, by His mercy, He has blessed me with the greatest blessing of all: the call to live together with Him—looking only to Him and serving only Him. By His grace, I was born into a Christian family. I attended Sunday school from when I was little, and I had the opportunity to hear about Christ often. As I went to school, I decided to study the piano; and then I continued to pursue musi... Keep Reading

Hanh is the wife of Danh*, a pastor in Vietnam. I was born into a family that followed natural worship. There were numerous gods in which my grandparents and my parents believed. Whenever we had problems—for example, when one member in my family had a disease—my parents would offer sacrifices and beg those gods to save the life of the family member. Seeing my parents practice these things, I imitated them and believed these gods could save me too—even though I did not understa... Keep Reading

Bao is the wife of Jian*, a church planter in China. I was brought to Christianity through the influence of my mother. This was how the Lord chose to save me, and it was completely the grace of God for me to become His child. My mother heard the gospel through her sister, before I was born. During that time, she had anemia and was seriously ill. In the beginning, she believed in the Lord because she wanted to be healed of her own sickness. After a few years (when I was still young), she had a s... Keep Reading

Dana is the wife of George Serban, a church planter in Stoienesti, Romania. I was born and raised in a family of nominal Orthodox Christians. However, I had no idea who God was, and I had hardly even heard about God. This was because my father was an alcoholic and violent and did not want us to have anything to do with church. So, I never went to church. When I was eleven, my mother decided to divorce my father. There were six of us children, and because we were under the age of eighteen, we we... Keep Reading

Nicola is originally from England and is the wife of Luis Ramirez, a Peruvian church planter in Tokyo, Japan. The Lord saved me when I was studying at university. There I had made Christian friends for the first time, and they took me to church, where I heard the gospel. I had considered myself a Christian beforehand, as I occasionally read my Bible, but when I heard about my sinful condition and how I stood before God, I finally understood my need to repent and ask His forgiveness. I spe... Keep Reading

Eliane is the wife of Igor Dias Ramos, an evangelist and teacher in São José dos Campos, Brazil. I lived twenty-one years of my life lost in the darkness of Catholicism, but I got to the point where I could no longer live like that. I lived a sad life and looked for satisfaction in friendships, college, and boyfriends until one day I came to the altar of a cathedral. Looking up, I fixed my eyes on the image of what I had been told was Jesus, and I said: “I know that you exis... Keep Reading

By George Swinnock (Works, Vol.1, P.193-197) Consider the doleful tragedy which the Son acted from first to last; meditate on His incarnation. For the Son of God to become the Son of man; for Him that lived from all eternity to be born in time; for Him that thundereth in the clouds to cry in the cradle; for Him that created all things to become a creature—is a greater suffering than if all the men and angels in this and the other world were crowded into an atom, or turned into nothing. Th... Keep Reading


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Laboring For Christ

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hc86-150x263 EquippingGospel Messengers Sowing Gospel Seed As we prepare this edition of the HeartCry Magazine, winter is passing, and spring is almost upon us. The weather grows warmer, the days lengthen, and the ground is thawing. Soon everything will be coming to life for another cycle of spring and summer until winter draws near again and causes all g... Keep Reading


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