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Malachi 1:11

The Tragic Death of a Zambian Brother

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AndrewAs I sat in Pastor Conrad Mbewe’s office talking with Kabwata Baptist’s pastoral interns, I never imagined that one of them would be gone four months later. I certainly could not imagine that he would be murdered. Violent crime was very rare during my years in Zambia. I always look forward to meeting the interns—hearing their stories and ... Keep Reading

joshua-l_profileFor many years the Reformed Baptists of Zambia have desired to establish a church in Northern Province.  That desire is finally being fulfilled through missionary pastor Joshua Lungu.  Joshua is a native Zambian who spent the last several years in South Africa.  He served in Mowbray Baptist Church in Cape Town while complet... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight | German Banda, Lusaka, Zambia

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profile_german_bChurch Planter - John Laing in Lusaka, Zambia German is the former pastor of Sinda Reformed Baptist Church, which he was used of the Lord to start in 2006. After seeing a great deal of fruit in his ministry, he left SRBC in 2012, due to a call from the Lord to help a struggling church plant in the difficult area of Lusaka known as John L... Keep Reading

Gertrude is the wife of German Banda, a church planter in the poor district of John Laing in Lusaka, Zambia. My heart is really encouraged that there are people around the world who are praying for me, my family, and our church. Church-planting is not easy work. We as a family are really thankful for what HeartCry has been doing to support us financially and in prayer. I am grateful that our first-born son, Redson, came to know the Lord last year through the preaching of his father, German. No... Keep Reading

Stella is the wife of Marshal Kasongo, a church planter in Chipulukusu in Ndola, Zambia. Iwas raised in a Pentecostal church, so my past understanding of conversion was based on speaking in tongues. At that time, when anyone showed this ability, I was certain that that person was saved; but these were false assumptions about what it means to be conformed to Christ. I lived like that, believing it was normal for people to possess that “gift.” Now, ever since I became reformed in my t... Keep Reading

Thus far the lord has led us!

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BY MATTHEWS FIKATI With HeartCry’s support, Matthews completed the one-year pastoral internship program at Kabwata Baptist Church in December of 2013. In April of 2014, with the recommendation of KBC’s elders, he was sent out to plant a church in Chambishi, Zambia. Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! With a heart full of gratitude to the Lord, I would like to update you on the workings of God in the life of the church here in Chambishi. CHURCH HISTORY ... Keep Reading

God's commitment to saving his Precious souls

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By Wege Sinyangwe Wege is a member of Mt. Makulu Baptist Church and a graduate of Kabwata Baptist Church’s pastoral internship program (2011). In the early months of 2012, Mt. Makulu sent Wege out to spearhead a church plant in the Chilanga area of Lusaka, Zambia. There are times when mission work seems difficult, particularly to those of us who are on the ground. There is often a feeling of doubt, as if perhaps we did not hear God’s call properly. Our desire is to see results as s... Keep Reading

Added Challenges In the Face of Growing Islamic Zeal

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Brother Marshal is a church planter sent from Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Ndola to plant Mapalo Reformed Baptist Church in Chipulukusu, a neighborhood in the eastern area of Ndola. The work commenced in 2011 and is the first Bemba-speaking Reformed Baptist church plant in Zambia. Islam is quickly gaining ground in our country of Zambia. Although we previously enjoyed many years with minimal Islamic activity, we are now confronted with serious Islamic growth that is gaining momentum and str... Keep Reading

With HeartCry’s support, Matthew completed the one-year pastoral internship program at Kabwata Baptist Church in December of 2013. In March of 2014, with the recommendation of KBC’s elders, he was sent out to plant a church in Chambishi, Zambia. It is with joy that we are now able to partner with him in this endeavor. Testimony of Conversion Before my conversion, I thought that I was a Christian because I was brought up in a Christian family. I was taught good morals, and I activel... Keep Reading

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