That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Nicolas Serrano.Teaching07.JPGIt appears we have another case of a conversion among us: a young Brazilian man who is in Rosario studying medicine. He came to our church as a result of the personal evangelism of one of our members. He is a professing Evangelical, the son of a former pastor, who believed at least to a degree the histo... Keep Reading

From Shipwreck to Salvation

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Javier is the pastor of the Baptist Church of Maranatha in Paita, Peru. He is also one of HeartCry's most beloved and trusted leaders in South America. In the following report, he shares with us about the grace of God in the salvation of a fisherman. He explains to us how the Lord rescued this man from a tragic shipwreck in order to ultimately save him eternally in Christ Jesus. Please pray for the conversion of this man’s family and for his continued growth in the grace and knowledge of o... Keep Reading

Unexpected Opportunities to Proclaim Christ

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Walter moved to Peru from Argentina and is currently serving as a leader in the Church of the Savior in Barranco, Lima. He has also helped translate material from Paul Washer’s study manuals and various Puritan authors. It has been a year of enormous challenges and great difficulty. Sadly, I must confess that in many ways I have made mistakes, in many ways I have failed, and in many ways I have sinned. But I also recognize with joy that the grace and mercy of God have been abundant, and H... Keep Reading

Eager for Growth in Lima, Peru

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Eager for Growth in Lima, Peru Walter Isse is a native of Argentina, but is currently serving as a HeartCry Missionary in Peru. His primary responsibility is working alongside David Silva to raise up a work in Lima, Peru. I sincerely hope that this report finds you all growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and that your lives are abundantly filled in Him. This new year finds us desiring as a church to know and obey the will of God in humility. We are all devoting ourselv... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight: David Silva

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In 2013, HeartCry began supporting missionary David Silva. Along with his family, David left the Amazonian city of Iquitos, Peru, in order to serve as a teacher in the HeartCry Bible Academy, which was recently established in Lima. Currently, he teaches several theology courses at the academy. He also helps with the teaching and preaching at various new works in Lima. I was born in 1983 in the city of Iquitos in the jungle of Peru. I was raised in a family that professed to be Christian, but wh... Keep Reading

nole-croppedGilberto lives in northern Peru where he serves as a church planter, pastor, and associational missionary. God has used Gilberto to plant many churches throughout the mountains of northern Peru. There are more than forty churches in the association that Gilberto serves. I remember that when I was about ten years old, my mother told me that she h... Keep Reading

arturo-croppedArturo and his family live in the northern jungles of Peru in the department of San Martin. He pastors the Baptist Church of San Rafael and also leads the training of a dozen pastors throughout the San Rafael region.My name is Arturo. I was born in the jungles of San Martin, but I came to live in Lima when I was very young.I came to know Chri... Keep Reading

The Lord continues to providentially uphold the work in South America as the Gospel continues to advance. In February, all of the HeartCry missionaries in South America were able to attend our conference in Lima on the theme of “The Biblical Pattern of Shepherding Souls.” The conference dealt principally with the centrality of Christ in ministry and the pattern that we see in His life and in the life of the apostle Paul, revealing how to care for souls. After talking with many of the... Keep Reading

Missionary Report: Nicolas Serrano

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Nicolás is one of the two founding pastors of Iglesia Biblica de la Gracia (Grace Bible Church) in Rosario, Argentina. This church was started in 2010. Nicolás spent the better part of 2011 studying at a ministerial academy in Lima, Peru and is currently the only HeartCry missionary in Latin America outside of Peru. I would like to share with you a testimony of the conversion of a man named Luciano, who I was able to meet over a year ago. From the moment we met Luciano, he kept hi... Keep Reading

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