That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

One Baptism Observed and Another Hindered

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I would like to share with you an update about how the Lord is working in our midst. We rejoice in the Lord that His Holy Spirit convicts and converts people (I Corinthians 2:10) and that the Gospel is sufficient to bring sinners to repentance (Romans 1:16). A Baptism Observed Sarai*, a young woman in our church, was baptized on February 1, based upon her profession of Jesus Christ as the Savior and Lord of her life. Last year, she came to our Children's Home for help. Although she has both a ... Keep Reading

Pastors' Training Conference Was Blessed

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The recent training conference for pastors in South India was greatly blessed by the Lord. All of HeartCry’s training conferences are designed to help local indigenous pastors to further their understanding of Scripture, which in turn will have a massive impact on their lives and preaching. Just by watching and listening to the pastors who were in attendance, it became obvious to me that the Lord was helping to accomplish these very things. Below are a few quotes from some of the men who a... Keep Reading

Cyclone Relief | Samuel B.

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Samuel is a pastor and missionary leader in South India with whom HeartCry began partnering in February 2013. He is married and has two children. Together with his father, Samuel oversees the training of several pastors who labor in the villages surrounding his city. The terrifying cyclone ‘Hadhud’ rocked the coastline of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha (in South India) on the October 12, 2014. The mighty winds, moving at a speed of two hundred kilometers per hour, rattled many houses, da... Keep Reading

The Desire God That All Men Might Be Saved

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hc82-150x263Welcome to the Spring Edition of the HeartCry Magazine. In the last three months, the world has seen much negativity: Western culture continues to drift further from God, war wages in Ukraine, and the Middle East is engulfed in turmoil. The threat of terrorism continues to grow in almost every corner of the globe and the persecution of Christians... Keep Reading


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Elis P.'s Gospel Witness

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Elis Pramono is a gifted evangelist and a woman of prayer. She and her ministry partner, Sari Saat, have seen the Lord bring many Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ. For her protection, her true identity and location must remain undisclosed. Afew nights ago, I was able to catch up with two HeartCry coworkers after not seeing them for about three months. As always, hearing their testimonies of how God was at work was very encouraging and challenging. One sister, Elis, has spent most of the last th... Keep Reading

Update from Matt and Amanda G.

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Matt graduated from Union University in 2004. Two years later, he began working with HeartCry as the Missions Coordinator for Asia. In July of 2011, Matt, his wife Amanda, and their family moved to Southeast Asia to serve as missionaries/church planters and to oversee the indigenous missionaries sponsored by HeartCry in that region. We trust you are doing well. We are getting ready to go away for a short vacation, and we wanted to send a brief update before leaving. Since our last update, littl... Keep Reading

Malawi Update | Malamulo C.

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Since 2000, HeartCry has partnered with Kabwata Baptist Church of Lusaka, Zambia, to plant churches throughout Africa. Through this partnership, HeartCry is now supporting twenty-four indigenous missionaries in Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa. We consider the work in Africa to be one of the brightest stars in the world today because it is founded upon biblical truth and fueled by a zeal to see Christ exalted throughout the entire continent. The following report from Mal... Keep Reading

Ministry Tools for South America

Posted June 3, 2015  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Transportation for Javier Carhuapoma In order to enable Javier Carhuapoma to travel through the mountains to visit other HeartCry missionaries and church plants, HeartCry has provided him with an SUV. This vehicle will be able to endure the rugged terrain of the northern Andes, where the pavement quickly runs out, leaving rutted out dirt roads winding around steep cliffs and inclines. Also, beginning this year, Javier, along with HeartCry missionary Jose Luis Siancas, will be overseeing a Bibl... Keep Reading

From Shipwreck to Salvation

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Javier is the pastor of the Baptist Church of Maranatha in Paita, Peru. He is also one of HeartCry's most beloved and trusted leaders in South America. In the following report, he shares with us about the grace of God in the salvation of a fisherman. He explains to us how the Lord rescued this man from a tragic shipwreck in order to ultimately save him eternally in Christ Jesus. Please pray for the conversion of this man’s family and for his continued growth in the grace and knowledge of o... Keep Reading

Report From the Netherlands | Jacques Brunt

Posted June 3, 2015  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Jacques T. Brunt is an itinerant preacher, teacher, and evangelist in the Netherlands. He was born in 1979 and converted to Christianity in 2000. He is the youngest of five children and was raised in a Dutch Reformed family. He was married to Annette in 2004, and they have three children: Levi, Boaz, and Jesse. Jacques’ ministry can be divided into three specific areas – he is a leader for Heart Cry Netherlands, he is a teacher in his local Baptist church in Alblasserdam, and he is a... Keep Reading

Anatoly C. - New Missionary In Belarus

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HeartCry has begun to support a new missionary in Eurasia. Anatoly C. is a gifted pastor and translator in Belarus. Previously, he taught English at the Linguistic University in Minsk and is now working with “Gospel and Reformation” to translate much-needed theological resources into Russian. He is also currently taking classes by extension through Reformed Theological Seminary. Anatoly is married to Anya, and they have two children – Vita (daughter) and Vladislav (son). Anato... Keep Reading

Taking That Which is His

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By Nicolas Serrano Nicolás works with Esteban Toloza as one of the two founding pastors of Iglesia Familia de la Gracia (Family of Grace Church) in Rosario, Argentina. The church was planted in 2010. In the life of the church, there are a lot of different things taking place. God continues to add to our flock, and the church is growing in Christ-likeness, but there does still remain opposition in many different ways. But, of all the things that are happening, I want to share with you th... Keep Reading

Arabic Audio Bibles for Iraq

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Thanks to you who support the ministry of HeartCry, we were able to purchase two hundred solar-powered audio Bibles to be carried into Iraq. These Bibles are being sent to a relief team of Americans and Middle Easterners who are currently in northern Iraq conducting medical work; distributing food, blankets, and heaters; and sharing the Gospel through preaching and Bible distribution. Many refugees have already received Arabic New Testaments, but others are illiterate and in need of these audio ... Keep Reading

What Avenging of Wrong!

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By Esteban Toloza In July 2014, HeartCry began supporting missionary Esteban Toloza. Several years ago, together with HeartCry missionary Nicolás Serrano, Esteban helped plant Family of Grace Church in Rosario, Argentina, where they now co-pastor the growing congregation. In addition to this, the Lord has opened the door for Nicolás and Esteban to train and assist pastors of new church plants throughout Argentina. To start, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this rep... Keep Reading

Update From Israel | Leonid B.

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Leonid has planted a small church among the Russian Jews in a city in Israel. Though the church is small, their hope is that God would use them to bring many hearts to His Son. Leonid, also reaches out through his evangelistic tour ministry and performs evangelical concerts in cities throughout Israel. He also writes articles on Israel that are published in various Christian magazines. He has published these articles in a book entitled Around Jerusalem with the Bible. In the past, Leonid has bee... Keep Reading

Unexpected Opportunities to Proclaim Christ

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Walter moved to Peru from Argentina and is currently serving as a leader in the Church of the Savior in Barranco, Lima. He has also helped translate material from Paul Washer’s study manuals and various Puritan authors. It has been a year of enormous challenges and great difficulty. Sadly, I must confess that in many ways I have made mistakes, in many ways I have failed, and in many ways I have sinned. But I also recognize with joy that the grace and mercy of God have been abundant, and H... Keep Reading

Each year, HeartCry provides fifty-five students with some of the best resources that have been translated into the native languages of Eastern Europe: Romanian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian. Each student is required to carefully read approximately 150 pages every month, make notes in the book or underline, make an outline of the reading, and participate in a forum discussion online.Each year, the students must read and dialogue about five key works: one each of doctrine, ethics, history, ministry, a... Keep Reading

A Blessing From God: New Resource In Russian

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The Russian translation efforts of HeartCry and the Belarussian publisher, “Gospel and Reformation,” continue to progress at a steady pace. HeartCry recently funded the translation and printing of the first volume in the “Recovering the Gospel” series, The Gospel’s Power and Message by Paul Washer. The books are now being circulated throughout Eurasia. The remaining two volumes in the series are currently in the translation process. There remains a great need for m... Keep Reading

Coordinator's Report | Western Europe

Posted June 3, 2015  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

From January 13 through February 3, Don and Cindy Currin had the privilege of representing HeartCry across Western Europe. They visited and interviewed many of our HeartCry missionaries, spoke in various conferences, and became acquainted with a new church plant in Switzerland. Although the weather was very cold, the fellowship and hunger for truth from the saints more than motivated them during their travel. The following is Don’s account. NORWAY Our first stop was Stavenger, Norway, fo... Keep Reading

Evangelism, a Stolen Car, and New Opportunities

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Recently, HeartCry provided the necessary funds for missionary Eugene M. and his church in Isil’kul, Siberia, to rent an adequate meeting space that will enable them to conduct evangelistic meetings for the people in their city. In the following report, Eugene thanks HeartCry for this help. He also shares about the recent training on evangelism that he completed with the church and how the Lord miraculously provided opportunities for him to share Christ with the lost. Greetings to you, de... Keep Reading

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