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Malachi 1:11

Run to the Battle

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hc81-150x263Regardless of what we may believe, the Christian life is a threefold battle. First, we battle against the flesh and its sinful desires that wage war against our new nature and against the Spirit who seeks to lead us to greater holiness (I Peter 2:11). In this battle, we are called to put to death the deeds of the flesh (Romans 8:13) and to eagerl... Keep Reading

A Note of Encouragement

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The following is an email sent by Jessica Shapiro to HeartCry administrator Kevin Hite after her recent trip to Romania. Jessica is a student at Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida, an extension of Ligonier Ministries. She journeyed to Romania during her 2014 summer break, hoping to witness the Lord’s work among believers there. It appears she was not disappointed, as the Lord enabled her to spend time with several HeartCry-supported evangelists and church planters. What a great ... Keep Reading

peter-and-nathanaelBrother Peter is working to plant biblical churches in Germany. Peter is a member of the Evangelical Reformed Baptist Church in Wetzlar. He and his wife Priscilla have one child, Josiah, and are now expecting their second. Peter and Nathanael have faithfully served the church in Wetzlar for nearly two years while preparing to plant... Keep Reading

From the Edge of Suicide to the Foot of The Cross

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profile_javier_cJavier Carhuapoma is the pastor of the Baptist Church of Maranatha in Paita, Peru. His ministry and influence is felt throughout many churches in the northern region of Peru. He is one of our most trusted laborers in Latin America, and we count it a privilege to work with Him. We give thanks to God for His grace and mercy as we look back... Keep Reading

Report From The Jungle | Peru

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SAmerica_Arturo-MarinArturo Marin and his family live in the northern jungles of Peru in the department of San Martin. He pastors the Baptist Church of San Rafael and also helps train other pastors in the region. Greetings and many blessings in your homes and ministries. This month was difficult for my family due to my travels and my wife’s i... Keep Reading

Esteban Toloza.Profile02In July 2014, HeartCry began supporting missionary Esteban Toloza. Several years ago, together with HeartCry missionary Nicolás Serrano, Esteban helped plant Family of Grace Church in Rosario, Argentina, where they now co-pastor the growing congregation. In addition to this, the Lord has opened the door for Nicol&aa... Keep Reading

Finland | The Church is Growing in Love

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Kyle McCartan is a HeartCry missionary from Northern Ireland. He is an evangelist and church planter who is living and ministering in the rural farming community of Northern Ostrobotnia on the east coast of Finland. Kyle’s ministry includes evangelism, discipling, preaching, and teaching the Word of God in an area dominated by nominal Christianity. He also serves as the pastor of Agape International Church. He and his wife Sara, a Finnish national, have five sons: Emil, Viggo, Ezra, Amos, ... Keep Reading

Romania | For His Sake Alone

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Brother Danut Opris is responsible for the administration of the church in Draganesti-Olt. He and Florina Cazan have also started a new work in the village of Coteana. The location is a hard field because of the witchcraft and strong Orthodox opposition. This past month he sent this testimony from a recent experience in the home of an unsaved family. Home visits are part of my ministry. I visit the church members to counsel them, to rebuke or correct them, and to encourage or help them. Recentl... Keep Reading

Romania | Mercy Triumphs In Opposition

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Florin Stan helps to coordinate the work in Romania. Presently, he develops mission projects in five areas where HeartCry is planting churches. He also leads a church-planting team in Fieni, Romania. Florin and his wife Mariana have one daughter, Damaris. In the face of opposition from the Orthodox Church in Fieni, Florin Stan shares the following story of how God turned disappointment into joy. Before our annual Vacation Bible school, we made a phone call to the city authorities to ensure that... Keep Reading

Romania | A Divine Window of Opportunity

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Marian Bicajan is an evangelist that presently lives and labors in the city of Fieni. His ministry includes street evangelism, church planting, and working with children. He is currently serving with Florin Stan in a church plant in Fieni. He and his wife Simona have one son, Teodor Razvan. In the following report, Marian relates a recent encounter that he had while doing open-air evangelism on the streets. I want to share with you about an encounter and conversation I had with a young man as h... Keep Reading

Romania | Perseverance Rewarded

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Sorin Iordan is the pastor of a Gypsy church in the southern part of Romania called Rosiori de Vede. The church is located in the middle of the Gypsy community and has had a good ministry among the Gypsies living there. Sorin has also started new missions in Olteni and Troianu. He is married and has seven children. In the following, he gives an account of the Lord honoring faithfulness in spite of an alcoholic’s refusal to trust Christ. In Olteni, the Lord worked in a family that I have b... Keep Reading

An update from Abu Munahid, pastor of Salam Church in an undisclosed country in the Middle East. Introducing a New Family to Christ This month I visited a new family and introduced Jesus’ message to them. The entire family – the father and mother, together with their two adult children and their spouses – also prayed with me. The mother said that she could not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, and the deity of Jesus did not make sense to her. But the Lord is good; He al... Keep Reading

Dr. Andrew is a gifted apologist to Muslims and began his evangelistic work among nomadic Arabs several years ago in the Middle East. After finishing his university studies, Dr. Andrew set up a veterinary clinic in a small village to treat sheep and camels. Dr. Andrew is now leading a team of evangelists who are working among difficult-to-reach Muslims. “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” – II Timothy 3:12 We often read these verses in the Bible, an... Keep Reading

Peru | The Loss of a Servant: Gilberto Nole's Passing

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profile_gilberto_nGilberto Nole was a faithful servant of God and a diligent preacher of the Gospel. For the last ten years of his life, he worked with HeartCry to care for the churches in northern Peru. He was a man of whom the world was not worthy. He will be greatly missed. After more than forty years of tireless service in northern Peru as a pasto... Keep Reading

profile_urbano_gUrbano Gomez is serving as a HeartCry missionary within the association of churches in the region of Pacaipampa, Peru. He travels and teaches in the churches of the association and also helps in the development of new church plants. There are one hundred and ten towns and villages in Pacaipampa, of which only about forty have a church... Keep Reading

Reaching Huancabamba and the High Regions

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profile_nicomedes_sNicomedes Saavedra is the pastor of a church in Pacaipampa, in the northern region of Peru. While he is devoted to the church in Pacaipampa, the Lord has also used him and the congregation to start several other church plants in villages throughout the region. I have been encouraging the believers from our church in San Lorenzo to go ... Keep Reading

Pastoral Libraries For Pacaipampa

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pastorial-librariesOnce a year, hundreds of believers from the mountains of Pacaipampa in northern Peru meet together for several days of teaching, worship, and prayer. In this particular region of the country, there are approximately forty-five churches, and very few of the pastors have any type of formal training or any literature outside of the Bib... Keep Reading

A New Library for the Church in Nueva Esperanza

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As the Lord continues to add to the number of believers in Nueva Esperanza, where HeartCry missionary Ivan Tassara is pastoring, the need for sound biblical resources has also increased. In an effort to help Ivan with his own studies, with the discipleship of men for the ministry, and with the general growth of the brothers and sisters of the congregation, HeartCry has provided a basic church library. The themes of the literature range from pastoral ministry and systematic theology to instructio... Keep Reading

Pastoral Libraries in Peru's Jungles

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pastorial-libraries-jungleThe effort to provide a basic pastoral library for pastors and teachers in the jungles of Peru continues. Several weeks ago, a group of about forty men from many different parts of the northeastern jungles met in the village of Chazuta for a week of pastoral training. The men that were present represent twelve differen... Keep Reading

Uganda | A New Frontier

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In October, HeartCry began to support Pastor Bill Issa, who is planting a church in Kampala, Uganda. We are excited for the opportunity to begin supporting this biblical work in such a needy country and to partner with Bill as he seeks to make God’s Name great in Uganda. HeartCry missionaries Sam Oluoch, Paul Onyango, and Naphtally Ogallo in Kenya will be providing oversight for the work in Kampala. They plan to make several trips a year to visit Bill and see the work up close. These trip... Keep Reading

Added Challenges In the Face of Growing Islamic Zeal

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Brother Marshal is a church planter sent from Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Ndola to plant Mapalo Reformed Baptist Church in Chipulukusu, a neighborhood in the eastern area of Ndola. The work commenced in 2011 and is the first Bemba-speaking Reformed Baptist church plant in Zambia. Islam is quickly gaining ground in our country of Zambia. Although we previously enjoyed many years with minimal Islamic activity, we are now confronted with serious Islamic growth that is gaining momentum and str... Keep Reading

The Power of the Gospel | S. India

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After graduating from Grace Bible College, Sunder primarily worked as a church planter in Gujarat, India. After planting a church, he moved back to his native state in South India in 2004. Since moving, God has graciously used him to plant another church. Greetings to you all. We are grateful for your prayers, and we appreciate you all for holding the rope so that we might go to the front lines to labor for the Kingdom of God. I would like to share with you some of what God is doing through us.... Keep Reading

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Missionary In European Russia | Arseniy R.

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We have recently added another missionary in Russia! Arseniy R. and his young family live in St. Petersburg – the famous Russian city of about ten million people. He graduated from the Samara Center for Biblical Training (SCBT) in 2010; soon after, he returned to St. Petersburg – where he was raised – and began leading a Bible study and longing for the Lord to raise up a solid church. After some time, the Lord grew their number, and they sent a request to Samara for help in es... Keep Reading

The Church Makes Me Happy | Siberia

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Maxim Manakov is an evangelist/church planter working in the Irkutsk region of Siberia. He is a part of the fellowship of pastors led by Sergey M. He is married to Vera, and they have one son. The grace of God has sustained us another month. God faithfully cares for us and has generously blessed us. For the most part, the blessing has come through the joy of service. Cheremkhovo The church in Cheremkhovo makes me happy. The people are showing genuine joy, enthusiasm, and attentiveness to the ... Keep Reading

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