That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

The French Canadians of North America

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Christopher Sippley |0 Comments

Canada boasts being the second-largest nation by land mass in the world, ranking only below Russia and just squeezing in above China. With diverse, breath-taking beauty from coast to coast, it is a place where tourists flock and where many (including myself) love to call home. Canada’s diversity is not limited to its scenic landscapes but is also evident among its many ethnic groups, the second largest of which are the French-Canadians (French, Québécois, and Acadian), ... Keep Reading

From New Brunswick to Nepal

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hc91-150x263Welcome to the Fall Edition of the HeartCry Magazine. We are continually overwhelmed with the love and kindness that you all show toward us with your sacrificial support, whether in prayer or in giving. It is a tremendous yet sobering privilege for each of us in the office to be able to spend our daily lives working to advance the gospel. We are... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight: Christopher Sippley

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Chris is pastor of Cornerstone Church in Richibucto, New Brunswick, Canada. Although he made a profession of faith at the age of twelve, it was not until later in life that he truly repented. After six years of evangelistic work, he was burdened to see a healthy local church planted in Richibucto. He and his wife Paula have two children: Zoe-Lyn and Nathaniel. Christopher's Testimony of Conversion My name is Christopher Sippley, and I was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. I grew up in ... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight: Corey Betts

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Corey and his wife Amy live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where he began pastoring a church plant in 2015. He grew up in a Christian home and was converted at the age of 16, feeling an immediate call to full-time ministry. He graduated from Bible college in 2011 and was ordained for ministry in 2015.  Corey's Testimony of Conversion I grew up in a home where both of my parents were believers. We went to a typical, small-town Baptist church for most of my childhood. I actually started goi... Keep Reading


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Canada is a sparsely populated nation located in the northern half of North America, the majority of its land territory being dominated by forest, tundra, and the Rocky Mountains. About four-fifths of the country’s 36 million people live near the southern border, and roughly the same percentage is urbanized. The majority of Canada has a cold or severely cold winter climate, but southerly areas are warm in the summer. Canada is officially bilingual (English and French) at the federal level ... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight: Robert Greenwood

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Rob is serving in various ministry roles at Miramichi Valley Church while training to be sent out as a church planter in the near future. Rob is a gifted and faithful evangelist. He is married to Chantelle, and they have just been blessed with the arrival of twin girls. Testimony of Conversion I was saved at the age of sixteen. I grew up in a Christian family and first made a profession of faith when I was five. I remember hearing about hell and being sure that I did not want to go there.... Keep Reading

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