That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Ammai - Mother and Missionary

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We had begun our travels early in the morning across the Indian highways. From Madurai, the journey was not particularly long, and the scenery was pleasant to the senses. Our journey was marked with rice fields, small villages, and greenery as far as the eye could see. The mountains stood in the distance, towering above the plains. It seemed as if we were chasing them, yet never drawing close enough to satisfy my curiosity. Taking a right turn down a narrowing road, we were soon “off the b... Keep Reading

I Called Her “Mama”

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An Interview with One of Amy Carmichael’s Students Nesarathina, now eighty-five years old, was one of the first graduates from the school Amy founded in Dohnavur. She was also among the first batch of students sent out to attend secular studies after graduation. Though she thought she would never come back to Dohnavur, she began serving on the campus after graduation. She was the first lady who was given charge of the campus after the departure of the foreign missionaries. She is currentl... Keep Reading

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