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Malachi 1:11

The Tragic Death of a Zambian Brother

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AndrewAs I sat in Pastor Conrad Mbewe’s office talking with Kabwata Baptist’s pastoral interns, I never imagined that one of them would be gone four months later. I certainly could not imagine that he would be murdered. Violent crime was very rare during my years in Zambia. I always look forward to meeting the interns—hearing their stories and ... Keep Reading

Reconciliation Baptist Church is Constituted!

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In Bill Issa’s December update, he shared the news of a monumental event in the life of Reconciliation Baptist Church in Kampala, Uganda: “We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing us this far as a church! On November 26, our church was constituted with the required number of members who met the biblical qualifications of church membership. The first leadership team (two elders and three deacons) was set apart by the laying on of hands.” For some readers, such an event may r... Keep Reading

Fort Portal Seminars: Encouraging Gospel Growth

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In February of 2017, HeartCry missionary Bill Issa in Uganda visited Fort Portal in the western region of the country. He had received an invitation to preach and meet with church leaders there. The result was an agreement for Bill to lead seminars on a quarterly basis, teaching them biblical doctrine and church practice. A church in Bridgeport, California, partnered together with HeartCry to fund Bill’s travel and cover the conference expenses. First Conference Overview The first semina... Keep Reading

Transformation in Twatasha

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Mapalo “Blessings” Ndhlovu has been laboring to establish Faith Baptist Church in Twatasha, one of the poorer sections of Kitwe, the second-largest city in Zambia. The history of his church building is a strong image of the transformational power of the gospel. Just as the gospel has changed the purpose of that building, it is now changing people’s lives—and perhaps the entire community someday. History of the Church Building I would like to give the interesting hi... Keep Reading

In January 2017, I had the privilege of visiting our missionary, Bill Issa, and his family in Kampala, Uganda. Kampala and the immediately surrounding area have a population of almost 4 million, and is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. This was my first visit to Uganda, and I would have to rate it fairly high among the African countries I have visited in terms of friendliness and development. I arrived late Saturday night, and Sunday morning joined Bill’s church, Reconciliation... Keep Reading

Cape Town South Africa

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  I can still remember reading the first of Mario Maneville’s reports when I returned to the role of Africa Coordinator over 18 months ago. As I read accounts of his church’s ministry to gangs, drug dealers, and prostitutes in the Cape region, I thought, “I want to see this for myself!” A year and a half later, that desire was finally fulfilled. After visiting our missionary pastor Bill Issa in Uganda, my next stop was Cape Town, South Africa. When many people think... Keep Reading

Street Evangelism and a Surprising Story

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profile_marshal_kMarshal Kasongo is pastor of Mapalo Reformed Baptist Church in Ndola, Zambia. In a recent report, Marshal tells of an evangelistic outreach where he heard a very surprising story: “Our ongoing evangelism outreach is gaining momentum through church activities and good individual participation from the church members. We have recei... Keep Reading

Exploring New Territory

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In July of this year, I made my first visit to the African country of Mozambique. This trip was initiated by an invitation from Dr. Charles Woodrow, a missionary doctor who has ministered in Mozambique for 26 years. The grace and wisdom of God at work in Dr. Woodrow is wonderful to behold, and his approach to medical missions is refreshingly biblical. During his years as a practicing surgeon in a government hospital, Dr. Woodrow shared the gospel with thousands of patients. Many of these patient... Keep Reading

Three New Missionaries in Zambia

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It is our great privilege to introduce three new missionaries working in Zambia. Please pray for the work as it continues to expand beyond Zambia and into all of Africa. Sangwani Mtika Sangwani recently completed a pastoral internship under Pastor Ngoma at Calvary Baptist Church in the city of Chipata. Chipata is located on Zambia’s eastern border with Malawi. In June 2015, Sangwani was ordained and sent out by Calvary Baptist to plant a church in the Magazine district of Chipata. The fo... Keep Reading

Thank you from Africa

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ZAMBIA Conrad Mbewe Pastor Mbewe and his fellow elders at Kabwata Baptist Church are spearheading all our church-planting efforts in Zambia and throughout Africa. Dear HeartCry Partners and Supporters: As we work together with HeartCry Missionary Society to further the cause of the gospel in Africa, the words of the apostle Paul come to mind: “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership... Keep Reading

Evangelism and Growth In Malawi

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Brother Mala is pastoring Antioch Baptist Church in Blantyre, Malawi, where he has been laboring since 2008. Our dear praying and supporting friends, I would like to thank you for taking the time to pray for my family and the ministry here in Blantyre. I hope that you will find this update encouraging, that you will be given a better sense of our affairs, and indeed that you will even see in it answers to your prayers on our behalf. We are rejoicing in the work the Lord is doing here in Malawi!... Keep Reading

Thus far the lord has led us!

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BY MATTHEWS FIKATI With HeartCry’s support, Matthews completed the one-year pastoral internship program at Kabwata Baptist Church in December of 2013. In April of 2014, with the recommendation of KBC’s elders, he was sent out to plant a church in Chambishi, Zambia. Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! With a heart full of gratitude to the Lord, I would like to update you on the workings of God in the life of the church here in Chambishi. CHURCH HISTORY ... Keep Reading

God's commitment to saving his Precious souls

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By Wege Sinyangwe Wege is a member of Mt. Makulu Baptist Church and a graduate of Kabwata Baptist Church’s pastoral internship program (2011). In the early months of 2012, Mt. Makulu sent Wege out to spearhead a church plant in the Chilanga area of Lusaka, Zambia. There are times when mission work seems difficult, particularly to those of us who are on the ground. There is often a feeling of doubt, as if perhaps we did not hear God’s call properly. Our desire is to see results as s... Keep Reading

Malawi Update | Malamulo C.

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Since 2000, HeartCry has partnered with Kabwata Baptist Church of Lusaka, Zambia, to plant churches throughout Africa. Through this partnership, HeartCry is now supporting twenty-four indigenous missionaries in Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa. We consider the work in Africa to be one of the brightest stars in the world today because it is founded upon biblical truth and fueled by a zeal to see Christ exalted throughout the entire continent. The following report from Mal... Keep Reading

Added Challenges In the Face of Growing Islamic Zeal

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Brother Marshal is a church planter sent from Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Ndola to plant Mapalo Reformed Baptist Church in Chipulukusu, a neighborhood in the eastern area of Ndola. The work commenced in 2011 and is the first Bemba-speaking Reformed Baptist church plant in Zambia. Islam is quickly gaining ground in our country of Zambia. Although we previously enjoyed many years with minimal Islamic activity, we are now confronted with serious Islamic growth that is gaining momentum and str... Keep Reading

Uganda | A New Frontier

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In October, HeartCry began to support Pastor Bill Issa, who is planting a church in Kampala, Uganda. We are excited for the opportunity to begin supporting this biblical work in such a needy country and to partner with Bill as he seeks to make God’s Name great in Uganda. HeartCry missionaries Sam Oluoch, Paul Onyango, and Naphtally Ogallo in Kenya will be providing oversight for the work in Kampala. They plan to make several trips a year to visit Bill and see the work up close. These trip... Keep Reading

A Special Thanks for and from a New Missionary in Zambia

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In June of this year, HeartCry approved support for Matthews Fikati (featured in the previous magazine). Matthews started a church plant in late March in Chambishi, Zambia, after comleting a year-long internship program with Kabwata Baptist Church (KBC), which oversees all of the HeartCry works in Africa. Below are a few brief thank-you notes from KBC, from the church that is sending Matthews, and from Matthews himself. It is a small reflection of all that God is doing through your prayers and s... Keep Reading

Missionary Report - We Rejoice in our God, Kenya

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Sam Oluoch Kisumu, Kenya Sam has been in the ministry since 1999. In November of 2000, he teamed up with Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu to begin the work of church planting in Western Kenya, near Lake Victoria. Sam holds a B.A. in theology from Highlands Theological College in Scotland. We thank God for the many things He is doing among us here in Kenya. I have provided you with a simple list below so that you might rejoice and thank God with us. We are grateful for your prayers! 1. The bapt... Keep Reading

Africa: Missionary Report

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Time passes rather quickly; how we must labor while it is still called today! We are glad that He who is unchanging has brought us this far. Our church weekly memory verses recently brought us to II Chronicles 32:7-8: “‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or dismayed before the king of Assyria and all the horde that is with him, for there are more with us than with him. With him is an arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God, to help us and to fight our battles.’... Keep Reading

With HeartCry’s support, Matthew completed the one-year pastoral internship program at Kabwata Baptist Church in December of 2013. In March of 2014, with the recommendation of KBC’s elders, he was sent out to plant a church in Chambishi, Zambia. It is with joy that we are now able to partner with him in this endeavor. Testimony of Conversion Before my conversion, I thought that I was a Christian because I was brought up in a Christian family. I was taught good morals, and I activel... Keep Reading

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Africa: Students In Missions

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HeartCry’s primary partner on African soil is Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. We have worked with KBC for nearly fifteen years in their church-planting and mission efforts throughout Africa. In an email correspondence at the end of 2013, Pastor Conrad Mbewe conveyed the following vision for the next season of labor. More must be done in Africa. What’s the next challenge?” After ten months of praying about this question and never being at peace with the answers that p... Keep Reading

The Liseli Pastors Training College: Initial stages A few years ago, HeartCry sent Sean and Shannon Reece and their families to the Lozi people in the Western Province of Zambia. The Reeces lived and worked among the Lozi for approximately three years before being led to return to the United States. Their involvement with this rural tribe helped to fuel a desire in the elders and congregation of Kabwata Baptist Church to reach out to this needy people with the Gospel and a plan to plant churche... Keep Reading

Africa Coordinator's Report: 2012 Review

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Throughout 2012, HeartCry has seen a number of developments in the church-planting efforts of our partners in Africa. Zambia With the departure of the Reece families at the end of 2011, the work among the Lozi in the Western Province of Zambia has seen dramatic changes. Our indigenous partners (Kabwata Baptist Church) decided to relocate the thrust of the work from the Shesheke area of the Western Province to the Lozi capital of Mongu. In January 2012, at Kabwata’s annual missionary pra... Keep Reading


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A Partner's Testimony: Conrad Mbewe

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conradConrad is the preaching pastor of HeartCry’s primary partner in Africa, Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. We have partnered with Kabwata Baptist for almost 13 years in helping to underwrite the support of their missionary pastors. The following is Pastor Conrad’s account of his conversion to Christ and his subsequent calling into the mini... Keep Reading


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