That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

The Transformative Power of the Gospel

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

hc92-150x263What does it mean to say that the gospel is transformative? What happens when the gospel enters one’s life? This is what I hope to unpack a bit in this article, taking a closer look at the power of this gospel and at some of the types of change it brings. In this issue of the HeartCry Magazine, you will read a number of personal testimon... Keep Reading


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Transformation in Twatasha

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Blessings Ndhlovu |0 Comments

Mapalo “Blessings” Ndhlovu has been laboring to establish Faith Baptist Church in Twatasha, one of the poorer sections of Kitwe, the second-largest city in Zambia. The history of his church building is a strong image of the transformational power of the gospel. Just as the gospel has changed the purpose of that building, it is now changing people’s lives—and perhaps the entire community someday. History of the Church Building I would like to give the interesting hi... Keep Reading

Fort Portal Seminars: Encouraging Gospel Growth

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Bill Issa |0 Comments

In February of 2017, HeartCry missionary Bill Issa in Uganda visited Fort Portal in the western region of the country. He had received an invitation to preach and meet with church leaders there. The result was an agreement for Bill to lead seminars on a quarterly basis, teaching them biblical doctrine and church practice. A church in Bridgeport, California, partnered together with HeartCry to fund Bill’s travel and cover the conference expenses. First Conference Overview The first semina... Keep Reading

Stories of Grace From Peru

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Juan Pablo Osorio |0 Comments

Juan Pablo was pastor of “Christ Is the Way” Baptist Church for many years in the Santa Isabel area of Villa el Salvador in Lima, Peru. In 2016, he began church-planting efforts in a village in the mountains near Huaraz, Peru. Here he gives us an update of recent events and shares the testimonies of some recently baptized believers. Missions Update By the grace of God, my family’s health is recovering. My daughter was sick with hepatitis; after a trip to the hospital, though,... Keep Reading


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Stories of Grace from Argentina

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Nicolas Serrano |0 Comments

Nicolás is one of the two founding pastors of Iglesia Familia de la Gracia (Family of Grace Church) in Rosario, Argentina. The church was planted in 2010, and Nicolás spent the better part of 2011 studying at the Ministerial Academy in Lima, Peru. Here he shares the stories of three young people whom the Lord recently saved. Florencia Florencia is a young woman, the wife of one of the members of our church and mother to a young and charming little girl. We have known her for... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight: Ariel Umaño

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Ariel Umano |0 Comments

Ariel Umaño was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; he came to experience and was met with the saving grace of Christ when he was 22 years old. In 2014, Ariel and his wife Jesica moved to Rosario, where they became members of Family of Grace Church. In January of 2017, Family of Grace recognized Ariel as one of the pastors alongside Nicolás Serrano. Testimony of Conversion I was born in Buenos Aires into a family that attended an Evangelical church. My parents began attending church... Keep Reading

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Recently, Mrs. Gangi Sara, an elderly woman and faithful member of a church hidden in the mountains of Nepal, went home to be with the Lord. She was not famous or well-known, nor was her departure noticed by anyone outside of those who personally knew her. She was one of many elderly among the villagers, yet she was not like most. She was the only believer in her family, and her devotion to the Lord and the local church she attended was obvious to all. In fact, her attendance was amazing in itse... Keep Reading

Counting the Cost

Posted March 7, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Brother Leonid serves a congregation in Jerusalem. He wrote about the struggles of a woman who seems to have come to faith: “Recently in Jaffa, an elderly woman from Bulgaria by the name of Virena* has repented. Her parents baptized her as a child in the Orthodox Church. Twenty years ago, Virena married a Jew and moved to Israel. Ten years ago, she became a widow and now lives in a hostel for pensioners. Virena has come to understand from attending our meetings what is true faith in ... Keep Reading

The French Canadians of North America

Posted March 7, 2018  by: Christopher Sippley |0 Comments

Canada boasts being the second-largest nation by land mass in the world, ranking only below Russia and just squeezing in above China. With diverse, breath-taking beauty from coast to coast, it is a place where tourists flock and where many (including myself) love to call home. Canada’s diversity is not limited to its scenic landscapes but is also evident among its many ethnic groups, the second largest of which are the French-Canadians (French, Québécois, and Acadian), ... Keep Reading

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