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Malachi 1:11

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Praise the Lord for the numerous opportunities the Lord continues to open up for Jacques to proclaim the Word in Holland. Pray for grace and power in Jacques' preaching, that many might be brought to a saving knowledge of Christ and to a deeper worship of the one true God. Sadly, Jacques also shares about the recent death of his father, though he finds great hope in the evidence that his father was trusting in Christ alone in his dying days.... Keep Reading

Peter Schild: February Update from Germany

Posted March 23, 2017  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

We thank our God for you who are faithfully praying and giving for the furtherance of the Lord’s work here in Frankfurt, Germany. Your continued support is a great source of encouragement to us. I am privileged to provide you with a quick overview of some of the recent happenings in our church's life.Weekly Street EvangelismEvery Saturday we are on the streets to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Two brothers joined me for the very first time to hand out tracts and have persona... Keep Reading

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Daniel Norén: February News from Sweden

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The Reformation: 500 Years Later - Rediscovering the Message that Changed the World and is Still Changing the World TodayIt has been said of Sweden that it has one of the fastest de-Christianization rates in the world. We don’t know how they come to those conclusions, but statistically one evangelical church is closing down every week and there’s no indication that this trend is going to change. One brother that has been traveling around preaching in many churches has told us how sad... Keep Reading

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Peter Schild: January Update from Germany

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Valued Partners in the Gospel, Thank you for taking the time to prayerfully read this brief review of the current state of affairs in Frankfurt, Germany. We can only repeat how grateful we are for your sustained interest in seeing Christ's precious name glorified among the German people. Please be assured of our highest respect and... Keep Reading

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Advancing through Adversity

Posted February 9, 2017  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Iliya Hlushchak relates how their church was plagued by the flu this winter. Howeevr, he was able to adjust his ministry in such a way that he maintained the pace of his service.  He reports,  80% of our church members had flu in December, so I had to adjust my plans. Still, through God’s mercy, I managed to maintain balance. My family and I have avoided the flu this year. Missionary Trip to Ternopol Two years ago, a group of 15 to20 refugees came to Chernovtsy from the c... Keep Reading

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An Effectual Door of Opportunity

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HeartCry Missionary Ion Gireada relates how he and other evangelical missionaries have received approval to evanglize in public. He says, "In 2017, our country will celebrate 500th Protestant Reformation. The president of the country signed a decree by which we have the freedom to do all kind of evangelistic activities all year long. Being that we want to use this great opportunity, we have planned many evangelistic activities. Please pray that the Lord would help us preach the Gospel everywhe... Keep Reading

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Evangelistic Encounters

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HeartCry Missionary Dana L. continues to avail herself to different venues to share Christ with students.  Recently, she had a times of effective witness in the Canteen and Pregnacy Center.  She reports;  The best discussions I had were in the student canteen with a girl who listened so attentively that I kept sharing the Gospel for half of an hour. When I finished, she wanted to hear more. It was an amazing interaction! Another guy said he wasn't interested in religion and I tol... Keep Reading

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Pray for Moise Marin

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HeartCry missionary Moise Marin continues to battle a very debilitating illness.  Although having lost a significant amount of weight and very weak, he endures sickness for the sake of ministry.  He reports,  After all these activities, I was sick and I had to stay in bed for several days. My immunity was weakened and I got a cold even without going out of my house. After the medical tests, the conclusion is that my health is getting worse. I have already lost 43 kilos. Please r... Keep Reading

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Marian Toma

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I had told you in my previous report about Stefan who is 47. He was very sick and the doctors gave him no hope, but he turned to God. He told me it was very difficult for him when he couldn’t get to church and he wanted to kill himself rather than to live like that. He mistreated his family and believed that no one loved him. Since he turned to the Lord, Stefan is feeling much better. He was in a wheelchair, but now he has started walking with the help of a walker. One Sunday, I gave him a... Keep Reading

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Marian Vale

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I passed out New Testaments and Christian literature as I visited this month. During my visits, I also met two teachers and talked to them about different things such as the educational system in our country and the changes that take place.  They attended the Orthodox church and knew the creed. I started talking to them about God and we got to the problem of sin. I asked them how they believed that all those ethical problems in our society could be avoided. They admitted that God was the an... Keep Reading

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