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Malachi 1:11

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Jairo PreachingThe Lord allowed us to organize and carry out for a second time the Expositive Preaching Workshop with the support of the ministry "The Charles Simeon Trust.” There was an attendance of 45 brothers, who are pastors or who are in formation to become pastors. They came from our mission points outside of ... Keep Reading

Encouraged to Seek the Lost More

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IMG_2071.JPGNicu Vulpe is the pastor of Bethany Church in Pucioasa, Romania.  His proven character as a seasoned minister of the gospel has afforded him much favor with the people in the community.  Among his ministries as a shepherd of the Bethany Church faith family, he leads his people in evangelism.  ... Keep Reading

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Pavel Purcaci

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HeartCry Eastern Europe Conferences December 2010 068Pavel Purcaci serves with Pastor Igor Serement and the Philadelphia Church team.  His primary ministry is working with the young people in Anenii Noi, Moldova.  In this month's report he shares about an student conference t... Keep Reading

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Ruben Videira: June Update

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In September of 2014, Ruben and his family were sent out by Grace Ministries International to begin training pastors in Ruben's home country of Spain through the Berea Bible Seminary in Leon. The seminary focuses on training pastors and other men in expository preaching through seminars and conferences. HeartCry is helping Ruben and his family with a portion of their monthly support. Below is an update on the seminary and church in Leon: Thank you so much for your prayers for us... Keep Reading

Spiritual Mothering: Ruxi Vandici

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graduation celebrationHeartCry missionary, Ruxi Vandici, has served university students in Bucharest for well over ten years.  Hindered by a debilitating illness, she has managed to maintain her work.  HeartCry recently sponsored a student conference.  In the accompaning pic, Ruxi is shown with fello... Keep Reading

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Nathanael StudyDear brothers and sisters in the faith, Thank you, for both your willingness and faithfulness to pray on behalf of the mission in Germany. The Apostle Paul spoke of the ministry and the message of reconciliation. What a wonderful truth, that God reconciles with sinful men, by Grace through faith alone in Ch... Keep Reading

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HeartCry Conference Center, Brasov, Romania

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IMG_0685The HeartCry Conference Center in Brasov, Romania, will open, Lord willing, in the fall of this year.  After many delays, the building permit has been secured and the Fire Marshall contacted to begin inspection on the facility to grant HeartCry permanant occupancy.  Please pray that everything will be approved b... Keep Reading

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Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 2.12.30 PMGod has given me some opportunities to witness to people this month. On a Sunday after the service I went to my uncle’s house to pick up my mom and to hang out a little bit, and there were other people there too. It was the month of Ramadan and after greeting... Keep Reading

Peter Schild (Germany): Growth in Many Areas

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Baby SchildDear Partners in the Gospel, We are so grateful for your interest in our work here in Germany. Thank you for prayerfully reading this brief report. The Lord truly is good to us and I am delighted to inform you about the recent developments. News from the Schild Family    The Lord has carried us throug... Keep Reading

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Printing and Proclaiming the Good News

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IMG_100HeartCry missionary Florin Stan pastors Fieni Baptist Church in Fieni, Romania.  His ministry is not limited exclusively to shepherding the local faith family.  Florin is faithfully engaged in doing the work of an evangelist.  This month he shares he is investing his time in making his evangelistic effo... Keep Reading

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