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Jacques Brunt: Spring 2016 Missions Report

Posted April 7, 2016  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Jacques T. Brunt is an itinerant preacher, teacher, and evangelist in the Netherlands. He was born in 1979 and converted to Christianity in 2000. He is the youngest of five children, and was raised in a Dutch Reformed family. He was married to Annette in 2004, and they have three children: Levi, Boaz, and Jesse. Jacques' ministry can be divided into three specific areas. He is a leader and teacher for Heart Cry Netherlands, he is a teacher in his local Baptist church in Alblasserdam, and he is an itinerant preacher throughout the Netherlands.... Keep Reading

Pray for Belgium

Posted March 26, 2016  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

PRAY FOR BELGIUMBeliever Killed in Terrorist Attack Brother Kevin Williams, who has been serving a small group of believers in Belgium in the planting of a church, confirmed today, that a young believer named Bart was killed at the Brussels Airport in the recent terrorists’ attacks. Please pray for Bart’s family and the Christians in Belgium. Also, pray that the atrocity will be mightily used to the furtherance of the gospel.... Keep Reading

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Daniel Noren: March Update from Sweden

Posted March 22, 2016  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Daniel is a native Swede living and ministering in Bergsjön, which is a suburb of Gothenburg. This is an immigrant area with 144 nationalities and many unreached people groups represented. Daniel is passionate to reach out both to immigrants and his fellow Swedes. Daniel is serving as an elder in the church plant, Gothenburg International Baptist Church. ( His ministry includes preaching and teaching the word of God, evangelism, counselling, and discipling.... Keep Reading

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Constantin Ghioanca

Posted March 18, 2016  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Constantin Ghioanca pastos in Bucharest, Romania.  His congregation continues to grow under his leadership and teaching.  Constantin (Costel) sent us this report of Adonai Church this past month: On February 28 we had a special meeting in our church when we took time to share about the identity and vision of our church during the morning service. We wanted people to understand more clearly what we are doing and where we are going as a church. We had about 40 people in the meeting, som... Keep Reading

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Mission Point in Prato

Posted March 18, 2016  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Emanuel Ivan and his wife, Camy, live in Florence, Italy, where he shapherds the faith family of Maranatha Church.  Emanuel reports of a new mission point in Prato:  We had the inauguration of the new mission point in Prato this month. About 85 people attended in which the program was held in Italian. We are thankful to the Lord for pouring His grace upon the ministry in Prato. Before the inauguration, I spent more time in Prato this month doing street evangelism and giving out invita... Keep Reading

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Martin Rizley: March Prayer Update

Posted March 17, 2016  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Upon finishing Seminary in the States, Martin became a missionary to Spain, where he served as a church planter and itinerant preacher. After returning to the States for some years, he and his family have once again returned as missionaries to Spain in order for Martin to help train church leaders in a congregation in Malaga, as he also helps pastor the church and promote evangelistic efforts.... Keep Reading

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Ruxi Vandici: Report from the Field

Posted March 12, 2016  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Please continue to remember Ruxi's mother in prayer as she has a large tumor on her kidney. Pray for wisdom for the doctors.   The following is a portion of Ruxi's monthly report: The highlight of the month of February was the evangelistic ski camp, which the Lord wonderfully blessed in spite of the great opposition we faced even from before the camp. More than 20 non-Christians had registered, and right before the camp, one after another started having medical problems, so that three of ... Keep Reading

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Evangelist Alex Palade

Posted March 12, 2016  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Alex Palade so endeavors to do the work of an evangelist, that he could easy wear the title.  The following are some of his recent encounters with people on the streets and in the universities of Brasov: I participated in an evangelistic outreach with the brothers from Providenta Church of Brasov. Sorin preached the Gospel publicly and then I talked to Ms. Ilonca. I shared the Gospel with her and it was difficult for her to understand that she was going to hell. She believed she was bett... Keep Reading

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A Testimony from Ion Tomeci

Posted March 12, 2016  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

The following is a portion of Ion Tomeci's monthly report.  He shares the following testimonies of God's grace: I have been attracted by the desire of preaching the Gospel. I see in me this fire, namely to grow in comprehension and while this is happening to become so fascinated, enthusiastic and overwhelmed with the consequence that I don’t have coherence and emotional detachment. I am very touched by these truths. We have an awesome God and for those who are called to taste Him, th... Keep Reading

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Nathanael is a church planter who serves in Wetzlar, where he pastors the recently planted Evangelical-Reformed Baptist Church. He is married to Dominique Zeschky and they have one daughter. In this report he shares about the opening service in their new church building and how through it the Lord gave him an opportunity to instruct the church and also to preach the Gospel to those who had probably never heard it before.... Keep Reading

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