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A New Generation of Gospel Preachers in Spain

Posted May 31, 2019  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Spain Graduation  This report was written by Ruben Videra who is teaching/church planting in Spain. We count it a privilege to support him in the cause of Christ in Spain. On June 1st, ten men will graduate from Seminario Berea in Leon, Spain with a Bible and Theology degree. These men have dedicated seven years ... Keep Reading

torresDear Brethren, These past weeks have been very fruitful with plenty of opportunities for learning, teaching and proclaiming Christ. We are amazed that our gracious God allows us to have a part in the fulfillment of His purposes. Learning I was invited to attend the Shepherd’s Conference hosted by Grace Community Chur... Keep Reading

biegun-wschodni-8636-unsplash Dear brethren in Christ, Thank you for your continuing prayers for us and for the ministry in Spain. This has been a very interesting week, in which I have made new contacts that I would like to share with you: Santiago and Adela - Last week, I was contacted by the c... Keep Reading

Clase de exégesis Dear Brethren in Christ, These past few weeks have been very challenging as we have suffered the loss of several brethren from our church and others are going through various trials. Five members of the congregation have passed away since the beginning of 2019. Some of them were old and had been... Keep Reading

Martin Rizley: God is Working in the South of Spain

Posted April 19, 2019  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

_RPThanks to all of you for upholding us in your prayers and remembering the work of the gospel here in Spain. Spain is a very modern country with a very ancient history that has left its mark on the present. We naturally think of Spain as a Catholic country, because of the enormous influence the Catholic church has had on Spain th... Keep Reading

Jairo Chaur: God's Work in New Mission Points in Spain

Posted April 5, 2019  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Dear brethren: We greet you with much joy in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers; Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father” - I Thessalonians 1:2-3 We began 2019 with conviction and great hope in the faithfulness of the Lord toward His church. We know there will be strugg... Keep Reading


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The Kingdom Advancing in Marín, Spain

Posted February 15, 2019  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Bautismo.JPGDear Brethren in Christ, We thank the Lord for all the opportunities He has put before us to proclaim Christ and spread His Word here in Spain. Ministry at the local church in Marin After serving the Lord for almost three years in the church in Marín, we are only two weeks away from finishing the b... Keep Reading

Igor Dias' Expanding Ministry (Barcelona Spain)

Posted December 28, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

P1090750Greetings from Barcelona, Spain, In the last two months I began to teach and preach in assemblies and to disciple some brothers in the church here in Barcelona. I also visit three of the six mission points which our church (Iglesia Evangelica de Gracia) is helping. The IEG church is committed to supporting and helping the churches around Barcelona and ... Keep Reading


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Martin Rizley (Spain): An Encouraging Development

Posted December 21, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

_DSC8082Dear Brethren in Christ, Javier Julve, is a nursing student at the University of Valencia. He grew up just a few miles from Málaga, in the town of Benalmádena. From what I can determine, he comes from a fairly secular background. He is the friend of a young lady named Cristina whom I mentioned in my last ... Keep Reading

Jairo Chaur: Growing Churches in Spain

Posted December 14, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

PortraitDear brothers: I am convinced that the grace of the Lord is working in a special way in Spain. I have been living in Barcelona for eighteen years, and I remember how difficult it was to find a Christian church that would faithfully teach the Word. We knew that the state of Christianity in Spain was devastating, but the r... Keep Reading


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Igor Dias (Spain): The Beginning of a New Work

Posted September 21, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Igor&ElianeAfter five years of seminary study and careful preparation in Brazil and the United States, God has opened the door and sent my wife and me to our field of labor in Barcelona, Spain. We arrived on the 18th of August, and settled into our new apartment as quickly as possible. We were very anxious to begin our new work with the Iglesia Evangelica... Keep Reading


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Spain: Heber Torres - Evangelism and Discipleship

Posted August 17, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Hermeneutics lessons.JPGFor we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 Dear brethren, These past weeks have been really intense, but full of blessings from our Lord. Last July 1st, I had the privilege to preach the Wo... Keep Reading

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Heber Torres (Spain): Preaching/Teaching in Spain

Posted August 2, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

  Dear Brethren of HeartCry, It is so encouraging to know you keep us in your prayers. We are very excited with the many ministry opportunities the Lord is providing here in Spain, and we would like to share some of them with you through this letter. Apart from the preaching of the Word of God from the pulpit on Sundays, I keep on teaching biblical doctrine every other Monday at church to a group of around forty students, and both my wife Olga and I, meet regularly with different discipl... Keep Reading

Jairo Chaur (Spain): Bearing Fruit in Barcelona

Posted July 27, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Dear brothers: I am very happy to write to you about the work of the Lord in the Evangelical Church of Grace (ECG) in Barcelona and the mission points that we are supporting. Once again, I want to express my gratitude for your support of this mission, and also for your prayers for us. We had several activities this month. In Barcelona, from the 7th to the 9thof June, we had an intensive workshop on expository preaching with the support of “The Charles Simeon Trust” ministry. Forty p... Keep Reading

David Barcelo: Pray For Barcelona

Posted August 18, 2017  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Dear family and friends, As you all know, there was an ISIS terrorist attack yesterday in Barcelona, with thirteen people dead and more than one hundred injured. The attack has not affected any of our relatives or church people, but several of them were in the area. One brother from our church was working right there, and he could see all the horror and destruction around. Some of our youth were also in a nearby restaurant, and were hiding there until the police allowed them to go home. All i... Keep Reading

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