That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

DSCN7884First of all, I would like to thank you for all of your prayers. This month I went to my Class Reunion and I want you to know that it went really well. In fact, God opened the door for me to share about the gospel and we did not stop talking until 2 o’clock in the morning. What made the reunion very special wa... Keep Reading

Church Planting in Sicily

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2018-07-01-PHOTOfivanIvan is a lawyer who runs his own law firm, but also has the heart of a pastor. He recently transitioned into part-time ministry in order to give more time to planting and pastoring a church plant in Comiso, Sicily. He is sent out and under the authority of the church in Caltanissetta and Pastor ... Keep Reading

Giuseppe Fortuna: A New Meeting Place in Catania, Sicily

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portrait7859After nearly three years of meetings, first in our home and then later in a private garage provided by a family in the church, the Lord has been gracious to provide us the resources (spiritual and economic) to meet in a place open to the public and in a central area of ​​the city of Catania. This blessing ... Keep Reading

Dear brothers… May peace and grace be with you all!  We gladly express our gratitude to the Lord for His faithful sustaining work of grace in our midst. We are and remain unworthy of so great a love, but He is and remains faithful.  Church’s Ministry and Membership On the Lord’s Day mornings I’m expounding the book of Proverbs, treating it topically and trying to address practical subjects that may help people to think and live biblically. The focus is alway... Keep Reading

Andrea Artioli (Italy): Twenty-Five Years in Italy

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Dear brothers and sisters of HeartCry,  How are you all? We are in the Deep South of Italy for some days of vacation. We are staying in a B&B of believers who want to do church planting. So we are helping them with encouragement and preaching. There are so many towns and villages with no believers that have never been touched by the gospel.  Our daughter Lisa is at home studying for some Medical School exams in August. She wants to become doctor. It is a big task, but t... Keep Reading


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Andrea Artioli: Baptism Service

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AndreaBaptismServiceRecently we had a full service with over ninety people squeezing into our small building. Everyone had come to share in the wonderful service of baptism that we had been planning for some months now. We had five people in total that had expressed an interest in being baptized and so Andrea and Alan met with them to talk through the implications of ... Keep Reading

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