That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Kosovo: Street Evangelism

Posted May 24, 2019  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

FB_IMG_1558643108153This report is from HeartCry missionary Xhevat Bytyqi, who is working as an evangelist/church planter in Kosovo This month, my spiritual life has been very tried. I have felt tired physically and spiritually most of the time and also I have had trouble focusing on things. But this month also produ... Keep Reading

torresDear Brethren, These past weeks have been very fruitful with plenty of opportunities for learning, teaching and proclaiming Christ. We are amazed that our gracious God allows us to have a part in the fulfillment of His purposes. Learning I was invited to attend the Shepherd’s Conference hosted by Grace Community Chur... Keep Reading

biegun-wschodni-8636-unsplash Dear brethren in Christ, Thank you for your continuing prayers for us and for the ministry in Spain. This has been a very interesting week, in which I have made new contacts that I would like to share with you: Santiago and Adela - Last week, I was contacted by the c... Keep Reading

Clase de exégesis Dear Brethren in Christ, These past few weeks have been very challenging as we have suffered the loss of several brethren from our church and others are going through various trials. Five members of the congregation have passed away since the beginning of 2019. Some of them were old and had been... Keep Reading

Europe Missionary Conference - Paul Washer

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First.JPGI rejoice to report that I just returned from my first conference since my heart attack nearly nineteen months ago. The event was held in Barcelona, Spain. My physical weakness was evident, but God greatly aided in everything from traveling to preaching. I traveled with Jeff S., the HeartCry coordinator over northern Europ... Keep Reading


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Coordinator Update for Western Europe

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IMG_2773I hope this missionary update finds you growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This update is more a petition for prayer than an update. It is motivated by the fact that the HeartCry European Missionary Conference is drawing near and those who will be in attendance (teachers and mission... Keep Reading

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France: Summer Blessings in Paris

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2f868985-73af-48e3-9f82-06f87f53e67fGreetings from Paris to all our brothers and sisters in Christ. We hope that this letter finds you well and growing in the grace of God. The following is our July report. It was a month marked by celebration for the good work that God has accomplished. Our family is... Keep Reading

Andrea Artioli: Baptism Service

Posted June 26, 2017  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

AndreaBaptismServiceRecently we had a full service with over ninety people squeezing into our small building. Everyone had come to share in the wonderful service of baptism that we had been planning for some months now. We had five people in total that had expressed an interest in being baptized and so Andrea and Alan met with them to talk through the implications of ... Keep Reading

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Peter Schild: Family News and Baptism Service

Posted June 23, 2017  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

SchildFamilyMay I begin by expressing my deep gratitude for your ongoing support! I consider it a privilege that you take the time to read and pray through my monthly reports. Thank you very much! Since I was at home most of the time recently, there are not many things to report. However, I would like to provide you with at... Keep Reading

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October 2014 Report from Jacques Brunt - Netherlands

Posted November 2, 2014  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Dear HeartCry Family, The well-known American preacher A. W. Tozer said once, “If in the first Christian church the Holy Spirit would withdraw Himself, only 5% of all activities in that church would continue. If that were to happen in the current church, 95% of activities in a church would continue.” This statement affected us, not only in view of our house church and not only in view of the churches and circles that we are privileged to serve with the Word of God, but especially in... Keep Reading

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New From Holland - Jacques and Annette Brunt

Posted January 31, 2014  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Jacques and Annette Brunt are HeartCry missionaries in the country of Holland. Jacques is an itinerant preacher and evangelist who is being widely used of the Lord in evangelism and Bible teaching.... Keep Reading

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The Gospel Goes Forth!

Posted September 17, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Though brief, this is a wonderful account of how the Lord used Sorin Iordan to preach the gospel to a total of 1,400 people in the Gypsy community of Rosiori – all in just a few days. Truly the Lord delights in aiding His people to spread the gospel to the masses! The following was written by Brother Prodan concerning Sorin Iordan's eventful week:  MOLDOVA GYPSY MINISTRY – Sorin Iordan had a very unusual month. His fourteen year old niece died of leukymia, but before she ... Keep Reading

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The Sustaining Grace of Prayer

Posted August 17, 2013  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Brother Nathanael Armisen, one of HeartCry's missionaries in Germany, was married a few months ago. In his transition from being single he relates in his August report how much more responsibility accompanies married life. While joyfully caring for his wife, he faces many demands and trials in ministry and life in general. Nathanael shares on the importance of prayer... Keep Reading

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Posted August 15, 2013  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Prayers would be appreciated for our HeartCry missionaries, Gelu and Olga Ciorna, in Cahul, Moldova. Just a few weeks ago, Olga gave birth to a baby boy at only 24 weeks. At the time, the birth had to be induced as she was having major complications.... Keep Reading

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