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Malachi 1:11

Eastern Europe Spring Report - Sorin Prodan

Posted June 27, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

ROMANIA The key event of May for the HeartCry team was the evangelistic outreach in the city of Pucioasa, and a few other towns in the neighborhood (Varfuri, Vulcana, Magura). Once again, the HeartCry missionaries joined their efforts to reach out to the community where missionary Nicu Vulpe, along with Marius, and Alex work to plant churches. Hundreds of people were called to come to repentance by one to one street evangelism, home visits, and evangelistic meetings. We are sure that the seed o... Keep Reading

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A Joyful Update from Eastern Europe

Posted December 25, 2013  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Greetings, and Merry Christmas! I hope this update of the work in Eastern Europe will bring you joy, and encourage to continue the hard work you do there. Moldova and Ukraine Mission Tour During March 2013, we had our Moldavian missionaries for the HeartCry conference with Brother Conrad, and Jeremy Walker. We could not bring the missionaries from Ukraine, as the cost was quite high. So, I thought it would be good to visit them before the end of this year. The tour was a blessing, both ... Keep Reading

The Gospel Goes Forth!

Posted September 17, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Though brief, this is a wonderful account of how the Lord used Sorin Iordan to preach the gospel to a total of 1,400 people in the Gypsy community of Rosiori – all in just a few days. Truly the Lord delights in aiding His people to spread the gospel to the masses! The following was written by Brother Prodan concerning Sorin Iordan's eventful week:  MOLDOVA GYPSY MINISTRY – Sorin Iordan had a very unusual month. His fourteen year old niece died of leukymia, but before she ... Keep Reading

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Please Continue Praying for Olga and Baby George

Posted September 12, 2013  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Gelu Ciorna sends his heartfelt appreciation to everyone for the prayers and words of encouragement for his wife, Olga, and baby George. Although he reports that George is gaining weight and is in some measure less dependent on the oxygen machine, the doctors say that he has heart problems and his lungs are not developing the way they should. He continues to experience difficulty in breathing and his pulse rate is unstable. Gelu requests prayer for little George that he will grow and be strength... Keep Reading

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Update on Olga Ciorna and baby George

Posted August 27, 2013  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

The present health condition of baby George who was born premature at only 24 weeks to Olga and Gelu Ciorna remains unstable at this time. HeartCry received an update from Gelu yesterday informing us that the baby is still in need of more oxygen as from time to time there is a pause in his breathing for 10 or more seconds. He says that if this continues for another week that it will indicate that his lungs are not developing. Please continue to pray for their son. Gelu asked us also to pray for... Keep Reading

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Posted August 15, 2013  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

Prayers would be appreciated for our HeartCry missionaries, Gelu and Olga Ciorna, in Cahul, Moldova. Just a few weeks ago, Olga gave birth to a baby boy at only 24 weeks. At the time, the birth had to be induced as she was having major complications.... Keep Reading

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May 2013 Coordinator Update

Posted May 20, 2013  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

don_currin_profileIn the face of economic and political uncertainty, our HeartCry missionary family in Eastern and Western Europe continue to maintain steadfastness in their spread of the gospel. The measure of a missionary’s success is not the numbers of converts that he has on the field, but his perseverance in internalizing and procl... Keep Reading

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