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Sharing God's Word in Japan to People in Need

September 19, 2014  by: Matt G.| 7 Comments

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Jaudelle Gold

Oct 1, 2014

I would love to be an evangelist in Japan with my friend sharing the Gospel of our LORD to the Japanese community. How could I join you in Japan?

Alexandra White

Sep 29, 2014

Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony about the work you are doing in Japan. I will keep in you in prayers.


Sep 27, 2014

Hey Brother Luis! So good to know that we've got boots on the ground! I, myself, am over here in Himeji. Why don't we get together sometime?


Sep 24, 2014

Thanks saints for obeying the word of God of just following a great mandate of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature and I'm very pleased about your ministry. Amen!

Michael de la Torre

Sep 20, 2014

Hello brother Luis I have just read your update on the amazing work you are doing in Japan. My heart goes out to you and the people there. I will pray for you and the work that you are doing in His blessed name.

Anthony aodtohan

Sep 20, 2014

Hi Luiz,

Glad to see your post and your Gospel-centered ministry in Tokyo.

Would you consider joining the LOVE JAPAN conference in Tokyo in October? John Piper and Don Carson will be speaking.

However, 9/30 is the last day for registration.


Hiram Novelo

Sep 20, 2014

We keep praying for you and the church in Japan. May the Lord help you!

From México.

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