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The Work of the Pastor (Vietnam)

Posted April 19, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear friends and supporters, I would love to give my best regards and love to you, all friends and supporters in HeartCry. May grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. In February, members of the church kept gathering regularly. Although there was a brother having improper thinking, I used God’s Word to counsel. He realized his fault and corrected it. We are now stable again; people went to church often and became more mature in the spirit. I also went ... Keep Reading

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Snatched out of the Fire: Vietnam

Posted April 18, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear HeartCry, I greet all of your families & churches in the love of Christ Jesus and in the grace of God, In the past month I have spent time praying and studying God's word. I learned in the book of Romans (Romans 13: 8-14) about love, and the consciousness of a pure life, through the Word of God. The Lord has shown me that in order to live a good life, I must rely on the Lord and do His will to give up the habits of old life. The new life is like the perfect God, in the example of the... Keep Reading

Cambodia: Continually Devoting Themselves...

Posted April 16, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear HeartCry, Phum_CambodiaThank God for his goodness, kindness and His sympathy for His people, especially for the lost. This month, several villagers attended worship with us. I was really happy to see them continue to come to our church during the last five weeks. I encourage them by sharing God’s words, because God loves to see us grow and be ... Keep Reading

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Japan: The Blessings of Christ

Posted April 12, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear brothers and sisters, Japanese_Church_2018Praise the Lord because since the first century the early church responded quickly against the false doctrines with the creation of creeds and statements of faith. Praise the Lord for the bravery and passion of thousands of believers throughout history that have ... Keep Reading

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What is a Healthy Church? (Myanmar)

Posted April 11, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear Brethren, I'm on a summer Gospel preaching trip with our mission team. We've preached at 9 different locations to over a thousand Lahu animists. Most of them have never heard the gospel. Some heard it for the first time in over ten years. We hope to send evangelists to some of those villages. We have young men trained and ready to live among them and preach the Gospel. This is the first step to found a biblical church among animist villages. We have three more animist villages to go and pr... Keep Reading

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Samuel B. (S. India): Servants in His Vineyard

Posted April 11, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 9.41.57 AMDear Brothers and Sisters, It has taken me a lot of time before I wrote the newsletter. Since we dedicated the new church building in the month of November last year, there were many things that needed our attention. During the first few weeks of the dedication, we had quite a few visitors. The at... Keep Reading

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Pray for Nepal: Teaching in Progress

Posted April 9, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Would you take the time to pray for Nepal over the next several days. Several of the missionaries have taken to the mountains to preach and train the people there.  Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.12.23 AM Keep Reading

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Exciting Times in Nepal!

Posted April 5, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 11.08.15 AMExcitement has been building over the last year and a half in anticipation for this project. The HeartCry office has been praying for it and the men on the field have been eager for it to begin. Last month all of the prayers and planning finally came into fruitio... Keep Reading

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Yesudas1Nearly 6 years ago, Yesudas started coming to attend the monthly Bible Classes that we conduct for Village pastors. He found these classes to be spiritually profitable. At the time, he did not ask for any financial support, but was coming to learn Systematic theology, Biblical Theology, Sermon Preparation (Preaching), and... Keep Reading

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S Rajan (S. India): Easter Services

Posted April 2, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

SunderServicePraise the Lord for the Risen Savior! It was a busy, but blessed, weekend. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to be able to preach His truth to many new people. On Friday, we conducted a Good Friday service. We were able to preach the Gospel of Christ to many new faces. We examined John 19:30 to speak abo... Keep Reading

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