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Malachi 1:11

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Jude P. (N. India): Help has Arrived

Posted May 19, 2017  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Every day we are sharing the good news among the people in our place. But often it’s not an easy task for us to be a witness among the non-believers. Now a days, one family of our church is facing lots of problems. In that family, there are only two members, sister Suneeta and her daughter. Her husband left due to the fact that sister Suneeta is mentally disturbed. Please pray for them and this s... Keep Reading

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Tul B. (Nepal): Two Baptized

Posted May 18, 2017  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ. According to God's plan and His will, He has brought two people (Mr. Chitra and Mrs. Devi) into saving faith in Christ. They were baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are growing in the Lord. This month, I had the privilege to attend the seminar in Kathmandu. Brother Abraham taught the same book which he had taught before. He taught about "The Truth about Man". I was encouraged in my heart, learning a deeper truth ab... Keep Reading

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Celebrating the Resurrection (Vietnam)

Posted May 17, 2017  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear friends and supporters, Firstly, I would love to give my best regards and love to you, all friends and supporters in HeartCry. May grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. It is already a year since I began to receive support from HeartCry. May God pour his grace, care, and love on all of you and may this report continually encourage you in many ways. I am thankful that my family has been kept healthily throughout the month. My wife and the younger son a... Keep Reading

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Sannu K. (Nepal): "Christ till Her Last Breath"

Posted May 17, 2017  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

In God's grace, the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. As, I had mentioned about Mrs. Gaumati, she is attending the church services and the cottage meetings. I also visited her son. He told me that he has no objection to his mother becoming a Christian. I shared with him about Christ and His work for our salvation. He showed some interest in what I said, but till today, he has not attended the church services. His wife also denied to be Christian and stopped her children... Keep Reading

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Ram B. (Nepal): Seeking to Please God

Posted May 16, 2017  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Greeting to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, we all are fine and I hope that you all are fine there. I thank God for HeartCry that they are teaching us time to time the truths of the Scripture, which is reforming our church by the right understanding of biblical teaching and preaching. Instead of pleasing men, I am seeking to please God and glorify Him. This true teaching is leading me to be sensible in the ministry which God has given to me and holiness in my life.... Keep Reading

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Man Shall Live by God's Word (Vietnam)

Posted May 16, 2017  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear HeartCry. We always thank God for the past month that He has given our families and children a healthy and peaceful life. Because we believe that God still uses us for His work in the local Church. The Lord says that people live, not just by bread, but by word of God’s mouth. So far, we have been cared for by the Lord every day, even though we are so weak at times. Thank God I have received the teaching from the Lord, knowing we are limited, no matter how hard we try, but He is infi... Keep Reading

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Khem C. (Nepal): Rescuing the Straying

Posted May 15, 2017  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Warm greeting to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, the church services and the cottage meetings are going well. After the church service, I am teaching from the book “One True God” and we have learned about "God' Perfect Will" this month. We are encouraged by knowing the truth that God has a perfect will because of His Holy character. He has shown His will in His infallible Scriptures. As children of God, we must submit ourselves to His will and trust Hi... Keep Reading

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Training Afghani Pastors

Posted May 12, 2017  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Greetings from Lucas A. and family, Our family is well and busy time as we are doing many trainings, teaching and conferences and spending less time with our kids. We are reading the Galatians in our family devotion time and our goal is to have at least 3 studies weekly. We had a pause during Easter as we read the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ in John 18-20. I have been reading and preparing Titus and 1 Peter for the next conference working on the text, And I was challenged wit... Keep Reading

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Thank God, our Baptist Church in the past month has been mostly peaceful. Thank God for the relationship He gave me to know your servants; May God blessings reside more on HeartCry, on the ministry of the servants of God, on the church, and on your family. The government officials and police inspect our church, making it difficult for the church to assemble. During the month the officials and police repeatedly asked me to fill out paperwork. Most of the church is faithful are strong, but also b... Keep Reading

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China: Retreat, Repentance, and Renewal

Posted May 8, 2017  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Greetings from China I learned a lot in the retreat in Thailand last month. The three-day study in Bangkok reminded me once again the inerrancy and authority of the Scripture. The seven-day vacation in Hua Hin was very enjoyable. I never had such an opportunity for retreating since I started serving the Lord full time in 2006. But God provided me this refreshment in the weariest and most difficult time of my ministry. I am very thankful for BSI Church that provided plane tickets for my whole fa... Keep Reading

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