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Video: The Story of Ramesh - South India

Posted August 27, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Watch HeartCry missionary Samuel B. tell the story of Ramesh and how the Lord saved him. ... Keep Reading

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A missionary report from Gaius in China. July went by very quickly. This month of ministry has been both a pleasure and also painful. A great joy was seeing the brethren’s growth in the Word and their commitment to it. The pain came from seeing the church in W_____ suffering under increasingly heavy pressure from the government. The government is forcefully repressing some brethren, going so far in some cases that several brethren have been beaten so severely they had to go to the hospita... Keep Reading

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Take Care How You Build (Part 1)

Posted July 26, 2014  by: Matt G. |3 Comments

WILDERNESS CHURCH (NESTORIAN-Emperor_Taizong_gives_an_audience_to_the_ambassador_of_Tibet)Nestorian Missionaries in Ancient China In AD 635, Alopen, a Persian missionary from the Nestorian Church, arrived in the T'ang dynasty's capital city, Chang'an.[1] According to a m... Keep Reading

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In the month of August, I will be making a trip to visit HeartCry missionaries in Southeast Asia and North India. On August 5th, I will arrive at the home of Matt G., a church planter and HeartCry’s coordinator for Southeast Asia. For the next five days we will travel throughout Southeast Asia to spend time with HeartCry missionaries scattered throughout the region. Please pray that the time would be fruitful for all and that many encouraging stories ... Keep Reading

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God's Work in Japan

Posted July 17, 2014  by: Matt G. |2 Comments

Praise God for His salvation and commandments; praise God for giving us the privilege and command to preach the Gospel, baptize, and make disciples. This last month, we celebrated our sixth anniversary and we praise our Lord Jesus for His salvation and we rejoice in His blessings, and most of all we praise Him for giving us Himself over all these years. A Swiss lady heard the Gospel and became a Christian in Switzerland, afterwards returning to Japan to study at a university. Here in Japan... Keep Reading

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The Cultural Captivity of Missions (Part 3)

Posted July 11, 2014  by: Trevor Johnson |2 Comments

DSC_0492.JPGDangers of High-end (C5) Contextualization 1. Mistaking form with meaning: The missionary does not always understand the difference between these two things. Form cannot always be extracted from meaning nor can it always be imbued with Christian meaning (i.e., we cannot always “redeem” pagan elements of cult... Keep Reading

A missionary report from Gaius in China. This June has been a very different June for me. We’ve now been meeting as a group for five months and we are very thankful for these past months. Presently on Sunday’s we have 11 regular attendees (two of these are seekers); we also have five others who come irregularly. Another thing we are thankful for is that in May a brother in the group began to participate in some ministry. We decided to let him join in this after a few months of obser... Keep Reading

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A ministry update from Brother Ranjit K., who labors in the mountains of North India: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Praise the Lord for His grace and faithfulness in our lives! This summer, our focus has been on reaching the children and teenagers, we organized VBS camps in four villages. Approximately 300 children joined us, mostly from the unbelieving background families. All the children learned about God, the Bible, our world, and salvation. Two students (Ananad and Rakesh) from a... Keep Reading

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The Cultural Captivity of Missions (Part 2)

Posted July 4, 2014  by: Trevor Johnson |2 Comments

Eid_ul_Adha.JPGThe Use of the Term ContextualizationIn 1972, Shoki Coe coined the term “contextualization” in a chapter that was part of the World Council of Churches’ book Ministry in Context. The rise of thinking on contextualization paralleled the rise of postmodern thought. The myth of a mono-cultural G... Keep Reading

The Cultural Captivity of Missions (Part 1)

Posted June 30, 2014  by: Trevor Johnson |6 Comments

1012-babylonIntroductionBy October 1520, the former Augustinian monk Martin Luther was fed up. In 1517, he had already protested certain excesses in the use of indulgences through his "Ninety-Five Theses." Now, he repented of even believing in the very concept of indulgences. In an almost violently polemical work, The Babylonian Captivity of the ... Keep Reading

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