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HeartCry in Burma: Eight Missionaries Supported

Posted October 29, 2015  by: J. T. |0 Comments

HeartCry Missionary Society has been fervently praying and imploring God for opportunities to partner with spiritually mature churches and faithful ministries in Burma. We, therefore, were excited to discover, through a mutual friend, the favorable details of a ministry in Burma under the leadership and guidance of Pastor Paul M. Paul is pastoring a local church, translating the Bible into his native tongue, the Falam Chin language, and serves as President of the Biblical School of Theology (BS... Keep Reading

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Report from China (September)

Posted October 27, 2015  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Greetings Brothers of HeartCry, Thanks be to God for bringing my family, my church, and I safely through the storminess of this month. I am very thankful for your unceasing support. Recently my son’s health hasn’t been great. This affected my sleep, which also affected my studies. My son has been coughing for about half a month without full recovery, so our whole routine and schedule has been affected. While caring for him my wife’s health has also suffered, so please pray for... Keep Reading

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August Report From China

Posted October 19, 2015  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Greetings brothers, Praise the Lord for bringing us peacefully through this month. Thank you for your support towards me. This month has not been peaceful in WZ. At the end of this month, several brothers were taken away by the police because of the events surrounding the tearing down of the crosses. They have not returned home and this is causing the churches in WZ concern. Thankfully this has caused all the churches to remind each other to be more vigilant in prayer. This also moves several yo... Keep Reading

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Ranjit K. (N. India): God is Faithful!

Posted October 15, 2015  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

I’m glad to write to you that God is Faithful in taking care of us. He has provided for all our needs in our daily lives. Our children are going to the school and doing well in their academic studies. We continue to hold our worships services on Sundays, and Prayer meetings on Thursdays. We believe that the Lord has been glorified in these ministry activities.... Keep Reading

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John H. (S. India): Two Baptized

Posted October 12, 2015  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

The Lord is good, and His steadfast love endures forever. I just wanted to share some exciting events that have taken place in our ministry, and some information concerning our church. I’m excited to announce the baptism of two believers...... Keep Reading

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Latest Report from Nepal

Posted September 30, 2015  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Sarvajit G. shares an update on the various efforts in Nepal, along with the blessings and challenges of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. ... Keep Reading

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Dekar R (N. India): The Beginning of a New Work

Posted September 30, 2015  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Blessings to you in the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ. We would love to share with you some exciting developments in the recent months. The Lord has truly been gracious to us. Over the past several years, we have been spreading the gospel in the rural areas adjoining the capitol city of the largest state in North India. By His grace, we have witnessed new believers come to know the tender mercy of our Savior.... Keep Reading

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The Gift of God's Word in Calcutta

Posted September 22, 2015  by: J. T. |0 Comments

HearCry Missionary Society purchased and shipped the ESV Study Bible to students in Calcutta. The recipients of the Bibles are seminary students attending Grace Bible Academy. The director of Grace Bible Academy shared with us that the seminary students have limited access to sound materials and believes this resource will be a valuable aid in their study and understanding of God’s word. Both he and the students express their appreciation for the gift of the Study Bibles.Keep Reading

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Japan: September Report

Posted September 22, 2015  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Brothers and Sisters, Praise God for blessing us with the ability and command to grow in the knowledge of Him (2 Peter 3:18). Nothing in this world can satisfy us; everything is dead, horrific and dry apart from Him, but our Lord wills to fill our spirits, hearts, and minds by growing in the knowledge of His Majesty. Praise God because over the last month our Lord has blessed our weekly Bible study for men with more participants. Please help us to pray for Elias from Peru and Otavio from Brazil... Keep Reading

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Rehir G. (N. India) Interview: Autonomy!

Posted September 18, 2015  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Rehir G. has been in the ministry since 1995. At first, he was an evangelist and traveled all over sharing the Good News of Jesus. In 2001 he began helping to train other missionaries to better equip them for service. He continues in both of these areas of ministry today. The following is an interview conducted in August 2015. ... Keep Reading

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