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Clarifying the Gospel Conference in South India

Posted February 12, 2014  by: Kris P. |0 Comments

Clarify_1-2014_1I recently traveled to South India with another brother associated with HeartCry to do a pastors conference and to meet with some of our missionary leaders. The theme of the pastors conference was "Clarifying the Gospel," and we preached on the following topics:     1) The Primacy of the Gospel in the Minister's L... Keep Reading

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Learning from William Carey

Posted January 27, 2014  by: Trevor Johnson |1 Comments

william-carey-at-workWilliam Carey, the “Father of Modern Missions,” has influenced me greatly. As a Particular Baptist in the same theological line as Carey, and as a missionary, I have learned much from his life and writings. I desire below to concisely list some of these lessons learned from William Carey concerning worl... Keep Reading

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Interview with Two Papuan Evangelists

Posted January 27, 2014  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

JIMI PERIN WEDDING.JPGThe following is a brief interview with Jimi and Perin Weyato that was recorded in January 2013. Jimi and Perin are married and have been serving among the Northern Korowai in Papua for several years, now.   ... Keep Reading

Motherhood is Ministry

Posted January 23, 2014  by: Trevor Johnson |3 Comments

The following article was written by Teresa Johnson, wife of Trevor Johnson. The Johnsons are affiliates with HeartCry and are laboring among a remote tribe in Papua, Indonesia.  “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”– William Ross Wallace Teresa_kidsAs Trevor and I researched go... Keep Reading

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Hope in the Jungle

Posted January 22, 2014  by: Trevor Johnson |3 Comments

image1“Those that I have killed come back and bother me every night. They are waiting for me. When I close my eyes, I can see the faces of those men. They are waiting for me to die.” The cook-fire threw a red glow across the tribal man’s anguished face. The flames glowed, a single bug-filled globe of light in the otherw... Keep Reading

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carols_north_indiaA Christmas report provided by HeartCry missionary Rema S*... Christmas Service The Christmas service at our church was attended by over 300 people (the normal attendance of the church is under 100). Over 150 of these were visitors to the church. Several carols were sung during the service, and the children presented a nativity skit... Keep Reading

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Claude Brousson: Huguenot Apostle

Posted January 11, 2014  by: Matt G. |2 Comments

Claude_Brousson_1The following is a brief biographical sketch of Claude Brousson, a Huguenot missionary at the close of the 17th century. His name is little known among Christians in the 21st century, but his exemplary missionary labors challenge us to greater faithfulness and deeper sacrifice so that the church might grow up "t... Keep Reading

We praise the Lord for keeping us safe and sound in the high mountains! Day 1 - We started our journey from our place and arrived in the evening at our destination. We washed our feet and hands with hot water, and got some relief, as we were tired of the long journey in the jeep. Some believers and new contacts gathered in Mr. Gideon's house. Brother Jude shared about how to understand the Gospel and believe in Christ Jesus, and how to show it to the people who come into our contact everyday. ... Keep Reading

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Gospel Work in Japan

Posted December 16, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

Ramirez_Thorne_familiaPraise God for instructing us to proclaim the Gospel without giving up and also for supporting other missionaries and helping people in need no matter what our circumstances (2 Cor. 8). By the grace of God, we are a small congregation developing in the womb of another church, but through these years we didn't and ... Keep Reading

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Ranjit K. - November 2013 Ministry Update

Posted December 1, 2013  by: Kris P. |0 Comments

HeartCry missionary Ranjit K. is a church planter in North India.  Ranjit recently shared the following update with me about the work God is doing in his ministry: Dear prayer partners, Greetings in the Lord Jesus' Name. The months of September and October were very busy, but I enjoyed traveling and teaching/sharing from the Word of God in several different places. We first went to the mountains, and although I have shared this with you already, I wanted to mention a prayer request. A Hi... Keep Reading

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