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The Blessing of a Newborn

Posted March 4, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God I am well and hope that you all are well. Let me share the work of the Lord what He has done through me. First of all this is my joy to share my blessing to you that I got a baby boy. He was born on Feb. Khem's baby Ministry 3.JPG8. We gave him the name Anughra, ... Keep Reading

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Report from Nepal

Posted March 3, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

profile_neel_gGreeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. God in His mercy and grace I am well and doing His work. It is my privilege to share the ministry report of this month. Ministry Activities I am more involved in preaching the word of God and from house to house fellowship this month. Apart from this work I am studying the workbook "Tru... Keep Reading

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Conference in Cambodia

Posted March 2, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

HeartCry Missionary Society wants to thank Pastor Jason Jesuroga for traveling and teaching the HeartCry Missionaries in Cambodia. Jason's report is below, sharing the highlights of the trip and the blessing of the fellowship he expereinced with the Khmer pastors.  cambodia_conference_sitting_2.16I just enjoyed the disti... Keep Reading

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Reaching the Unreached in Nepal

Posted March 1, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dear saints, it is my privilege to report what the Lord has done through me. Ministry Activities Before partnering with the HeartCry, the Reformed Churches of Nepal were living like the time in the book of Judges in the OT where everyone did what was right in their own eyes. We had no sound doctrine and had no right system in the churches and no idea where to go for help. Though I had zeal and did hard work for the Lord, I was without soun... Keep Reading

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Update From Seminary in Goa, India

Posted February 29, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Below, Dul shares an update communicating areas where he has grown in his understanding during his first year in seminary. HeartCry missionary, Sarvajit G., is Dul's pastor and recommended Dul for support so he could attend seminary in Goa, India. Sarvajit is in Nepal but continues the mentor/mentee relationship with Dul while he attends seminary.... Keep Reading

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Nathan Sawyer's Report on Trip To Nepal

Posted February 23, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Nathan Sawyer, an elder at Grace Church Memphis, reports on his trip to Nepal to teach HeartCry missionaries and pastors. nathansawyer2Teaching Church Polity was the assigned theme for the Feb. 2016 Pastor’s Conference. There were a total of 20 sessions over the course of 18 recordings. The first half of our time together was given to un... Keep Reading

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Modular Training in Cambodia

Posted February 22, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Steve Jennings is the pastor of Immanuel Church of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. Steve graciously agreed to travel to Cambodia and teach HeartCry missionaries on the topics of "The Doctrine of God's Word" and "The Trinity." ... Keep Reading

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"I See The Effect of the Gospel"(China)

Posted February 19, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Report From China mapofchinaOn January 1st we had our first church members retreat. We split the time into three parts. First was sharing a message. I spoke from Daniel 1 on “The Glory of Separationist” and sought to encourage the brethren to separate from the world, like the saints of old, and live holy lives. Second we did a simple report of all... Keep Reading

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God's Profound Blessings (Burma)

Posted February 18, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

January Mission Report First of all, I praise God for showing me the way and allowing me to share His words till this shanstate,myanmarvery moment. God is the greatest, and I am so grateful to be able to involved in His ministry, though undeservingly. God’s blessings, once again has been very profound in the month of December. On D... Keep Reading

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Report from Tokyo, Japan

Posted February 17, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Luis describes the blessings of God as he and the church seeks new opportunities to minister to the Peruvian community in Japan. Also, he has asked us to join him in praying for a family whose son has brain cancer. In the midst of their deep grief God has given Luis the opportunity to comfort the family in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. ... Keep Reading

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