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Gospel Work in Japan

Posted December 16, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

Ramirez_Thorne_familiaPraise God for instructing us to proclaim the Gospel without giving up and also for supporting other missionaries and helping people in need no matter what our circumstances (2 Cor. 8). By the grace of God, we are a small congregation developing in the womb of another church, but through these years we didn't and ... Keep Reading

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Ranjit K. - November 2013 Ministry Update

Posted December 1, 2013  by: Kris P. |0 Comments

HeartCry missionary Ranjit K. is a church planter in North India.  Ranjit recently shared the following update with me about the work God is doing in his ministry: Dear prayer partners, Greetings in the Lord Jesus' Name. The months of September and October were very busy, but I enjoyed traveling and teaching/sharing from the Word of God in several different places. We first went to the mountains, and although I have shared this with you already, I wanted to mention a prayer request. A Hi... Keep Reading

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Thank you, God, that I was not born a Korowai

Posted November 25, 2013  by: Trevor Johnson |2 Comments

"And thank you, God, that I was not born a Korowai..." yaimwarita So goes our 8-year old son Noah's oft-repeated bedtime prayer. We've never rebuked Noah for this prayer. His little heart is sincere. He knows he is privileged. He prays open and honestly, "Thank you that I was born with a mommy and a daddy...Thank you that they believe and a... Keep Reading

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We have now made Paul's two workbooks available in Nepali for PDF download. The first workbook is The One True God, and the second is The Truth about Man. These workbooks can be a good resource for theological training, Bible study groups, families, and personal study. Nepali Workbooks: The One True God The Truth about Man ... Keep Reading

samuel_b_profileHere is an update from HeartCry missionary Samuel B. about the work God is doing in his ministry:  Dear Brothers at HeartCry, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid.” (Psalm 27:1) I derived a great comfort from God as I read this Psalm t... Keep Reading

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north-india-conference-oct-2013 A HeartCry conference was recently held for our missionaries in North India. The following report of the conference was given by one of the leaders, Rema S. Day 1 In the first session, the teacher said that he would be talking about four priorities in a pastor’s life – the life ... Keep Reading

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Evangelistic Outreaches in South India

Posted October 21, 2013  by: Kris P. |0 Comments

IMG_20131016_185734 Pastor Sundar R. has been doing evangelistic outreaches in rural parts of South India for the past 2 weeks. The Lord has blessed Sundar and his team in the amount of ground they have been able to cover in such a short time, and Sundar is seeing how dire the need is for these villages to be penetrated with ... Keep Reading

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The Growth of God's Word in Japan

Posted October 17, 2013  by: Matt G. |1 Comments

Luis_Nicola_familyPraise God for the life that we find in His word! Matthew 4:4 is one of the first verses that every Christian learns, but through the years we've found out that it is not just a nice principle but one of the most awesome and indescribable sources of life and truth that we are able to have. With time, we start to understand... Keep Reading

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Vijay S. - October 2013 Ministry Update

Posted October 11, 2013  by: Kris P. |0 Comments

profile_vijay_s HeartCry partner Vijay S. is the Director of Reach All Nations (RAN), a church planting ministry that operates in South India.  Vijay recently shared with me the following highlights about the work that God has been doing through RAN over the past 3 years:  16 Pastors Conferences - 1541 pastors attended; 28 Monthly Fellowshi... Keep Reading

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Shalom's Ministry to Flood Victims

Posted October 9, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

flood_relief_cambodiaThe Tonle Sap River in Cambodia is the only river in the world that sometimes flows backwards. Each year when the monsoon rains hit, the force of the water flowing down the mighty Mekong River causes this tributary to flow in the opposite direction. This year, the rains have already started and many pe... Keep Reading

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