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Japan: Mercies New Every Morning

Posted February 5, 2019  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Akira_JapanDear Brothers & Sisters, Praise the Lord for keeping us alive, joyful and focused on the sharing of the Gospel personally and as a church. As a result of God blessing the gospel, Akira, a Peruvian-Japanese young man, became a believer and was baptized recently. (see picture) These past months we are encour... Keep Reading

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Nepal: Struggles and Joys

Posted January 17, 2019  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Nepal walkingAs the gospel of our Lord advances in areas of darkness, there are both struggles and joys. This is true of the work in Nepal. The following are some of the accounts that the missionaries have experienced in the last month:   Dhal: There has been a personal hardship in Dal’s life as his elder son ma... Keep Reading

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Cambodia: Open Doors in December

Posted January 15, 2019  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 10.44.50 AMThe Lord provided several opportunities during December to share the wonderful Gospel of the blessed God! Our Christmas outreach to our village filled us with joy because we were able to tell why Christians celebrate Christmas to more than 100 of our Buddhist neigh... Keep Reading

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Reaching the Oppressed in Asia

Posted January 8, 2019  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Lahu_villages_2Dear HeartCry and Supporters: Gospel Trip From December 6-18, I led a group of evangelists and Bible students to open air preaching at 11 separate villages. We have had our evangelists in some of those villages living among animists and preaching the gospel. There are two new animistic villages (100+ famil... Keep Reading

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Japan: Serving the Outcast at Christmas

Posted January 1, 2019  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Jap boys at churchDear brothers and sisters,Praise the Lord for not grasping his rights and privileges as God, but instead, for our sake, He emptied himself of His rights for the interest of others. (Philippians 2:5-8)(The picture to the left is a few of our children from church) Because of our fallenness, we Christian... Keep Reading

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Nepal: RBS Training Module #2

Posted December 27, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

RBS Training GroupThis year, HeartCry and RBS (Reformed Baptist Seminary) officially launched an international training program in Nepal. Over the next four years, RBS will be sending pastors and professors to Nepal 3-4 times a year to take part in one-week training modules. Training module #2 is now officlally in th... Keep Reading

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Missions, When Progress Seems Insgnificant

Posted December 18, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Matt_Muddy_roadsThere are many types of work where progress is easy to see. I’ve worked as a carpenter before, and there was always a great sense of satisfaction looking at my work after a week or two and seeing what was done. Along with satisfaction, this also motivated me to keep laboring, knowing that the finis... Keep Reading

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Nepal Family Conference: Buying Truth

Posted December 13, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 9.43.58 AMIn the month of November, James Lee, a trusted brother and partner with HeartCry, conducted a family conference in the shadows of the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. He preached 19 messages over a period of 3 days to as many as 120 men and women. Many walked as... Keep Reading

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Cambodia: "Baptisms are Uncommon, Sadly"

Posted December 11, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Chim_Baptisms_2Cambodia has a population of 15 million and less than 2 percent are evangelicals. Conversions are uncommon in Cambodia, sadly. However, as faithful pastors and missionaries share the message of salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection, the gospel is proclaimed with “power, and in the Hol... Keep Reading

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India: The Life of an Intern

Posted December 6, 2018  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.19.23 AMHeartCry believes in the centrality of the local church in missions. We believe it is the job of the local church and biblical elders to equip, nurture, test, and send men out as church planters. Sometimes a young man expresses the desire to serve the Lord, but may n... Keep Reading

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