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Samuel B. (S. India): The Power of the Gospel

Posted June 20, 2017  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Dear Brothers and sisters, It is with great joy do I write to you that we baptized four people yesterday and welcomed them into the church membership. We baptized Yogesh, Koteswari, Mary and Rajitha in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We give thanks to the Lord for doing that Supernatural Act of converting these people by changing their stony hearts into the hearts of flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit and by the power of the Gospel message. We have clearly witnessed how ... Keep Reading

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The Challenges in Vietnam

Posted June 19, 2017  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear HeartCry and Supporters Thank God, last month, everyone in my family was healthy. My father's health is better, but he still needs to be treated and taken care of in bed because he has not been able to sit up so far; still asking God for his strength and asking God to heal him. The time to care for my dad every day has been many months, so may the Lord's servants pray to God add health for my wife and me to overcome this challenge. Thank God, in May 2017, the security of the Church was pe... Keep Reading

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Korowai Girls as Trade Goods

Posted June 18, 2017  by: Trevor Johnson |0 Comments

The front porch of our village home doubles as an afternoon medical clinic. We plan to build a separate health clinic soon—to save us the trouble of frequently disinfecting our home; to prevent us from having to clean up blood and vomit from our porch when we house critical patients; to shield our children from the stresses of living with sick tribal patients when they need constant care. But for now, our porch is the health clinic. Keep Reading

God's Word Sustains

Posted June 18, 2017  by: Rahmat K. |0 Comments

The following is a report from HeartCry missionary Salim Hartono. Along with serving in their home city, he and his family also regularly travel throughout Southeast Asia in order to record the Bible in various different languages. In their country there are approximately 780 languages, with only about 20 percent having at least the New Testament in their own language. Once the NT is completed, Salim and his ministry are able to take the completed translation and record it, making it available to so many people who are either unable to read or are functionally illiterate. ... Keep Reading

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Reading Bounds on Prayer in Vietnam

Posted June 16, 2017  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Dear the Board of HeartCry Because of the missionary work of the lost and the establishment of the local Church of God, I am grateful to God you have been praying for us that the Gospel of salvation may be revealed to all. Not only that, but you support our family financially so we can serve God. Thank you very much. In May, I read a document that had I read many years ago titled “The Sprit of the Need” by E.M. Bounds on Prayer. When reading this document I had more desire to pray ... Keep Reading

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Repentance, Belief, and Baptism in Timor Leste

Posted June 15, 2017  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

HeartCry missionary Francisco and his family are serving Christ in the eastern part of his native country, Timor Leste. Francisco is temporarily pastoring the church where he first came to know the Lord. This church was initially planted by a brother who is a very gifted evangelist. He traveled frequently from village to village telling others about the Gospel, and he saw many people come to faith in Christ. Francisco was one person who came to know the Lord through his ministry. Francisco, then... Keep Reading

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John H. (S. India): Reaching Out

Posted June 14, 2017  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

Praise the Lord, Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.First of all I would like to give thanks to the God Almighty who is strengthening us to carry the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to the world around us. Secondly, I give my gratitude to the family of HeartCry missionary society, who are encouraging us through your prayers and for supporting us in helping show us the right direction in faith.I wanted to give a quick report regarding few things t... Keep Reading

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Chi_Motorbike.JPGFirst, I thank God for His wonderful work in my life and in my ministry. I am grateful to be part of HC. I would like to thank you for your support to my family and to my ministry for the past two months. Your help enabled me to serve the Lord with more effectiveness, to give more time to the Gospel ministry and to put every effort in buil... Keep Reading

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Ministry Update from SE Asia

Posted June 12, 2017  by: Rahmat K. |0 Comments

The following is a report from Rahmat, a HeartCry missionary working in Southeast Asia. Please read the report and use it to pray for him and his family. Please ask that God would continue to give an open door for Gospel ministry in this SE Asian country. Pray also that the Gospel would be central to all the ministry that takes place. ... Keep Reading

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A Marriage in Southeast Asia

Posted June 12, 2017  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

Ucu presently teaches each week at a Christian school, and has become a mentor to the students. In the last several months, he’s slowly been teaching them through the translation of Paul Washer’s Gospel workbook. For many people, the workbook is too heavy theologically, which only shows the famine of biblical understanding that so many Christians have in this Southeast Asian country. The content in the book, though, has had a profound impact on these students, even though most come f... Keep Reading

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