That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Many folks are gathering together in Japan for matsuri, a Japanese festival filled with pagan rituals. However, HeartCry missionary Louis Ramirez is praying that the gospel will transform hearts and believers will be gathered together to worship Jesus Christ. ... Keep Reading

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God's Work in Japan

Posted July 17, 2014  by: Matt G. |2 Comments

Praise God for His salvation and commandments; praise God for giving us the privilege and command to preach the Gospel, baptize, and make disciples. This last month, we celebrated our sixth anniversary and we praise our Lord Jesus for His salvation and we rejoice in His blessings, and most of all we praise Him for giving us Himself over all these years. A Swiss lady heard the Gospel and became a Christian in Switzerland, afterwards returning to Japan to study at a university. Here in Japan... Keep Reading

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Update from Japan

Posted April 13, 2014  by: Matt G. |3 Comments

profile_luis_rDear brothers and Sisters, Praise the Lord for commanding Moses and Israel to build the tabernacle so people could learn visually about His holiness and glory. Now we do not have that tabernacle and its ceremonies, but praise God because today our bodies are the temple of God and we have the privilege to let God disp... Keep Reading

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Gospel Work in Japan

Posted December 16, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

Ramirez_Thorne_familiaPraise God for instructing us to proclaim the Gospel without giving up and also for supporting other missionaries and helping people in need no matter what our circumstances (2 Cor. 8). By the grace of God, we are a small congregation developing in the womb of another church, but through these years we didn't and ... Keep Reading

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The Growth of God's Word in Japan

Posted October 17, 2013  by: Matt G. |1 Comments

Luis_Nicola_familyPraise God for the life that we find in His word! Matthew 4:4 is one of the first verses that every Christian learns, but through the years we've found out that it is not just a nice principle but one of the most awesome and indescribable sources of life and truth that we are able to have. With time, we start to understand... Keep Reading

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Luis R. - August 2013 Update from Japan

Posted August 29, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

We are rejoicing and praising God for bringing many Japanese, Peruvian, and Americans to our evangelistic event called "Jesus Festival." Now is the time of year where there are many festivals and gatherings in all Japan to worship idols, eat, drink, and celebrate paganism. This year, our church Vida Nueva decided to make an open air event where we preached the gospel in three languages and praised the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in this idolatrous land. We were working to translate our Spanis... Keep Reading

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