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Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 2.08.27 PMGreetings to you all! I just wanted to send a brief update on the gospel meetings held recently in a remote area of Chattishgarh state which is boarder to Telangana. Pastor K. conducted a 3 days of gospel meetings. He is from a Koya tribe and his outreach and ch... Keep Reading

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New Missionary - Indonesia

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Yus_Weya3HeartCry is thankful to partner with a new church planter in Asia. Read about Yus's conversion and field of labor below. Yus Weya is working with the Korowai people in Papua. He lived a wicked life before conversion. He was a notorious drunk and thief and was avoided by the people in his village because of his brutality. However, the Lord opened his ... Keep Reading

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Seth S. (N. India): Answered Prayers

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the month of May God has given us the opportunity to organize a ladies meeting. It was led by my wife. In that meeting my wife taught about spiritual and family growth. We then prayed for growth. In that meeting, there were around 15 women.                                      &... Keep Reading

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Witches Saved From Death (Papua)

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  Meet Yadison, one of the most pleasant people you’ll ever see. About 7-8 years ago, however, Yadison was almost killed for being a witch. He was tied up in the village of Waina and several men were going to shoot him with arrows because they suspected him of witchcraft. You see, Yadison is mentally challenged. Thus, he When he was suspected and questioned, he gave some rather odd responses. From Yadison’s report, the conversation went something like this: “Did you ch... Keep Reading

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Dear Brother and Sister, Greetings to you in the name of Christ. I always remember you in my prayers, I hope you all are fine. I am very thankful to you for your support and prayers. In the month of May I and my wife visited brother the Singh family, and we had a cottage prayer meeting with them. Around eight people attended the prayer meeting. In Badsha bag there is one brother Ram whom we visited and had fellowship with. And in that place, there was also one sister Mamta. Her elder son Joll... Keep Reading

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A Few Prayer Needs in Vietnam

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Dear friends and Supporters, First, I would love to give our best greetings and love to you, all of our friends and supporters who are loved in God and kept for our Lord Jesus Christ. On behalf of my family and the church I would love to express my best gratefulness to you. I am thankful to God; in this month God protected us in safety and His love. He was gracious in providing for my family’s health. Grace to the Lord, as He has chosen me from these people to live and work for His will.... Keep Reading

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Rohan T. (N. India): Prayer Requests

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Dear brother and sisters in Christ Greetings to you all. We are doing well here and hope same for you. Our prayer Requests: One small boy Simon, he is around three years old, he is having sugar problem, pray for his health and recovery. Brother Nirmal met with an accident, pray for his health recovery. Sister Anju is sick, pray for her good health. Brother Michal is suffering through typhoid, pray for him. For the spiritual growth of the church members. May God use me for his purpo... Keep Reading

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Chandan S. (N. India): Slowly in Christ Alone

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Dear Brother and Sister, Greetings to you in the name of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for his work in the life of sister Madhu. She has repented from her sins and accepted Christ as her personal saviour. Now she is growing slowly- slowly in Christ alone. Still her husband does not believe, so pray the Spirit of God will work in his heart and he may also repent from his sins and accept Christ as his personal saviour. And I want to give thanks to the Lord for his great work... Keep Reading

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Encouraging Report from Gaius (China)

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Hello Jamey, May God bless you and your whole family. How are you doing recently? Time flies. June is coming. This month is a very special one for me. First I want to tell you a good news. My wife is pregnant. She felt very sick, nauseous strongly and couldn’t eat any food in the first few weeks. Please pray for her. I am thankful that things start to go well this week and she can eat some food now, though still suffering from sickness. Also, I have a bad news to share... Keep Reading

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Samuel B. (S. India): The Power of the Gospel

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Dear Brothers and sisters, It is with great joy do I write to you that we baptized four people yesterday and welcomed them into the church membership. We baptized Yogesh, Koteswari, Mary and Rajitha in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We give thanks to the Lord for doing that Supernatural Act of converting these people by changing their stony hearts into the hearts of flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit and by the power of the Gospel message. We have clearly witnessed how ... Keep Reading

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