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Malachi 1:11

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Kakuma 2Three years ago, Paul Washer was listening to news on the radio about the global refugee crisis. There are many NGO’s meeting humanitarian needs, but who is meeting the greatest need of these refugees - proclaiming the true Gospel? After further investigation, our Kenyan leaders, Sam and Naphtally, made an explorato... Keep Reading

Malawi: Surprising Student Interest in Theology

Posted November 28, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Screenshot 2018-11-28 15.44.23   I am so excited to share with you Pastor Mala’s latest update on a truly remarkable event in Malawi. First, let me give you some background. For a few years now, Mala and his church have been conducting evangelistic ministry at Chancellors College, the large... Keep Reading

Uganda Update: A Long-Awaited Answer to Prayer

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RonaldFifth Pastors’ ConferenceWe have written before on the amazing thing the Lord has done in Uganda with these training seminars for Pentecostal pastors. Brother Bill Issa reports on the latest seminar:“Our fifth pastors’ conference took place on 30-31 October and, once again, we thank the Lord because Christ... Keep Reading

Zambia: Adding Believers, Deacons, and a Missionary

Posted November 14, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Poniso baptism 1Baptisms East and WestIn Western Province, Poniso Kuyumbana has baptized four Lozi believers in recent months. Poniso is planting Senanga Baptist Church, one of only a very few Reformed Baptist church-plants among the Lozi people. Having personally served in Western Province as a missionary, I can testify ... Keep Reading

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new plotLand and a New Location for Chris’ ChurchThe last couple of months have been unusually busy for Chris Mnguni. The primary cause was the acquiring of new land in a prime location for their church building. With the help of HeartCry’s new partner-church in South Africa, Brackenhurst Baptist, Chris’ church ... Keep Reading

Nakuru: Another Kenyan Church Plant

Posted October 31, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Nakuru couplesIn this article, we highlight a second new church-plant work in Kenya. In addition to Nairobi, church-planting was also launched in Nakuru in 2018. This significant work is the answer to years of prayer, as Pastor Naphtally Ogallo gives us some history: A Field Ripe for Harvest“In January 2015, Grace ... Keep Reading

Zambia Update: Transport Given and Tragedy Grieved

Posted October 17, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

German motorcycleTransportation for German BandaBy August 2015, Pastor German Banda could no longer stand while preaching due to intense pain in his knee. He actually had to preach while seated on a tall chair. Anyone who knows the energy of this fiery Zambian can understand how bad the pain must have been to confine him... Keep Reading

Nairobi, Kenya: A New Church Plant

Posted October 10, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Sam Nairobi skylineTHE NEEDNairobi, Kenya – a massive, sprawling African city with a total population exceeding 6 million, and horrific traffic of legendary proportions. Now, try to grasp the fact that there are only 2 or 3 strongly biblical churches in the entire city. Then factor in that most residents do not... Keep Reading

East Africa Updates

Posted October 3, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Sam & MellyFirst Conversion in the new Nairobi Church-PlantNext week I will feature a full article on the new Nairobi church-plant, but this story was too exciting to delay posting. Sam writes:"In addition to the Sunday evening Bible studies that we host in our house, I have also focused my follow-up on 2 young men in the co... Keep Reading

Mozambique: Biblical Doctrine Labeled 'Heresy'

Posted September 26, 2018  by: Dr. Charles Woodrow |0 Comments

Charles preachingThe following article is from Dr. Charles Woodrow (preaching left), a veteran missionary in Mozambique. HeartCry is not currently working in Mozambique, but we are watching closely as events unfold there. I met Dr. Woodrow of Grace Missions and the indigenous leaders of Mission Ekklesia in 2016. They ... Keep Reading

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