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Malamulo Chindongo: Growth and Evangelism in Malawi

Posted May 11, 2015  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Our dear praying and supporting friends, I would like to thank you for taking the time to pray for my family and the ministry here in Blantyre. I hope that you will find this update encouraging, that you will be given a better sense of our affairs, and indeed that you will even see in it answers to your prayers on our behalf. We are rejoicing in the work the Lord is doing here in Malawi! Family Update The Lord is sustaining us, and we are thankful. My wife Rachel and our daughter Amelie are b... Keep Reading

Africa Points for Prayer: April

Posted April 8, 2015  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Warm greetings in the Beloved, my dear brothers and sisters. Once again, it is my privilege to be able to share with you a few specific prayer needs from some of the pastors laboring across the vast continent of Africa. 1. Pastor Malamulo Chindongo in Malawi asks for prayer for himself as Antioch Baptist Church grows, that he would be faithful to his flock in preaching, discipling, and shepherding. Mala also asks for prayer for the congregation he is pastoring, as they have begun to be more int... Keep Reading

Brian Mutale: Missionary Report

Posted April 2, 2015  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

profile_brian_mFirst and foremost, we want to thank you for the support that you continually offer on our behalf, both as a family and as a church. We are grateful to the Lord for the many times you have remembered us in prayer and for the sacrificial support that you have rendered to us financially. As many commemorated World AIDS Day on December 1, Mon... Keep Reading

Africa Points for Prayer: March

Posted March 5, 2015  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Greetings, my brothers and sisters in Christ! Beginning this month, I am intending to write a blog post every month (in addition to normal updates) devoted solely to a few points of prayer that relate directly to our HeartCry partners in Africa. My hope is that these points will help you to know better how you can pray specifically for the needs on the field as they arise. We are truly grateful for the prayers that are offered daily by you who follow these blogs and the other available resources... Keep Reading

Matthews Fikati: Finding a Good Thing and Church Outreach

Posted February 6, 2015  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Matthews has been serving as a church planter in Chambishi, Zambia since April of 2014. In this report, he gives us an opportunity to rejoice with him and pray for him in his recent marriage, and also informs us of some of the evangelistic efforts he and the other believers are carrying out as they seek to see the church established in Chambishi.... Keep Reading

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Malamulo Chindongo: November / December Missions Update

Posted January 26, 2015  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Mala is pastoring Antioch Baptist Church in Blantyre, Malawi, where he has been laboring since 2008. Please join with Malamulo as he labors for the Gospel in this city of over a million people. Pray for him as he shepherds his family and the church, preaches through Galatians, seeks to translate more biblical resources, and seeks to better reach the lost multitudes in his city through the church's evangelism efforts.... Keep Reading

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Naphtally, serving as a pastor in Kenya, gives a report on a recent conference focusing on the themes of "Christ on the Cross" and "Christ in the Heart." He also informs us of two new church planters that have been sent out to establish churches in Machakos, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda. By God's grace, HeartCry will now be supporting these two men in their church planting endeavors.... Keep Reading

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Uganda: A New Frontier

Posted December 12, 2014  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Uganda FlagIn October, HeartCry began to support Pastor Bill Issa, who has planted a church in Kampala, Uganda. We are excited for the opportunity to begin supporting a biblical work in this needy country and to partner with Bill as he seeks to make God's Name great in Uganda. HeartCry missionaries Sam Oluoch, Paul Onyango, and Naphtally Ogallo in Kenya will... Keep Reading

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Marshal shares about the challenges that believers are facing in Ndola, Zambia, in light of the growing efforts to promote Islam in Zambia. He shares about his concerns for many of the professing believers who are inadequately equipped in the Scriptures to discern the false teaching of Islam. He also gives an encouraging account of one Muslim man who seems to have come to a knowledge of the truth in Christ. Please pray for Marshal and the cause of Christ in Ndola.... Keep Reading

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Missionary Interview: Matthews Fikati

Posted September 9, 2014  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

The following video is an interview with new HeartCry missionary Matthews Fikati from Chambishi, Zambia, which took place in July. In this video, Matthews tells us about the newly planted church which he pastors, Chambishi Central Baptist Church, and explains both the challenges and the advantages of ministering in the town of Chambishi. We hope that you will be encouraged by this video and that the prayer requests Matthews presents will spur you on to pray for him and the young church. ... Keep Reading

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