That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Mozambique: Biblical Doctrine Labeled 'Heresy'

Posted September 26, 2018  by: Dr. Charles Woodrow |0 Comments

Charles preachingThe following article is from Dr. Charles Woodrow (preaching left), a veteran missionary in Mozambique. HeartCry is not currently working in Mozambique, but we are watching closely as events unfold there. I met Dr. Woodrow of Grace Missions and the indigenous leaders of Mission Ekklesia in 2016. They ... Keep Reading

July 2016 Africa Trip: Mozambique

Posted August 22, 2016  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Northern MozExploring New TerritoryIn July of this year, I made my first visit to the African country of Mozambique. This trip was initiated by an invitation from Dr. Charles Woodrow, a missionary doctor who has ministered in Mozambique for 26 years. The grace and wisdom of God at work in Dr. Woodrow is wonderful to behold, and his approach to medical missio... Keep Reading

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