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Painful Discipline Case in Kampala

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RBC New Members PrayerOur Africa updates are often filled with the encouraging news of baptisms, conversion testimonies, churches growing spiritually, and pastors being trained in biblical truth.  But church-planting has hard moments of deep pain also.  The first discipline case of a beloved member by a ne... Keep Reading

Uganda: What Type of Christians Are You?

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students1In his latest update, Pastor Bill Issa of Kampala, Uganda rejoices over finally establishing a Bible study with university students, and over their 6th Pastors’ Seminar with attendance expanding far beyond Uganda’s borders: Breakthrough into Makerere University with the Gospel of Jesus “Makerere Unive... Keep Reading

Uganda: From Pastor Hater to Pastoral Intern

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Bill leader trainingOne of the most challenging parts of planting a church is developing leaders. Evangelism, preaching, organizing meetings – these are relatively easy compared to teaching, training, and discipling men, and then discerning and nurturing their gifting and calling. Bill Issa in Kampala, Uganda... Keep Reading

Call for Help from Rwanda

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Bill ISome readers will remember the horrific genocide that occurred in Rwanda in the 1990's.  I have long prayed for a strong gospel witness and biblical church in Rwanda.  Words fail to describe my emotions as I read Bill Issa's latest report: “Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, ... Keep Reading

Uganda: Progress and Problems

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b.issa_profile2In his latest update, Pastor Bill Issa of Reconciliation Baptist Church in Kampala, Uganda writes: “And we know that, for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28 These are the best words to begin this article, due to what our church has experienced r... Keep Reading

Uganda Update: A Long-Awaited Answer to Prayer

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RonaldFifth Pastors’ ConferenceWe have written before on the amazing thing the Lord has done in Uganda with these training seminars for Pentecostal pastors. Brother Bill Issa reports on the latest seminar:“Our fifth pastors’ conference took place on 30-31 October and, once again, we thank the Lord because Christ... Keep Reading

East Africa Updates

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Sam & MellyFirst Conversion in the new Nairobi Church-PlantNext week I will feature a full article on the new Nairobi church-plant, but this story was too exciting to delay posting. Sam writes:"In addition to the Sunday evening Bible studies that we host in our house, I have also focused my follow-up on 2 young men in the co... Keep Reading

Uganda: Growing Hunger for God's Word

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Uganda June ConferenceSometimes I lean back in my chair and shake my head in amazement at what the Lord allows us to play some small part in. Seeing the photo to the left was one of those moments. The Lord is doing something exciting with Bill Issa’s training among Pentecostal pastors in Uganda. Over a year ag... Keep Reading

Reconciliation Baptist Church is Constituted!

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Prayer for elders 2In Bill Issa’s December update, he shared the news of a monumental event in the life of Reconciliation Baptist Church, Kampala, Uganda: “We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing us this far as a church! On November 26, our church was constituted with the required number of members who ... Keep Reading

Second Pastors' Seminar in Western Uganda

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Bill preaching FPIt is time again to joyfully share with you the great works the Lord is doing through these training seminars in Fort Portal (Western Uganda). As we did last time, we encouraged everyone from every Christian denomination to come, even women pastors, so that we reason together from the Scriptures and tr... Keep Reading

Spreading Truth in Uganda

Posted October 5, 2017  by: S. R. |0 Comments

bill-i_profileBrother Bill Issa, pastor of Reconciliation Baptist Church in Kampala, Uganda, continues to receive requests for teaching from pastors across his nation.  Many pastors seem to be awakening to the errors they have been perpetuating, and they are responding enthusiastically when they hear true biblical doctrine explained.  Please pra... Keep Reading

New Pastor Training Program in Uganda

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bill-i_profileIn an earlier update, Brother Bill told of visiting Fort Portal in western Uganda, where he was asked to begin a training program for pastors. A church in Bridgeport, CA and HeartCry partnered together to fund Bill’s travel and the conference expenses. Here is Bill’s delightful description of his time in Fort Portal. I particular... Keep Reading

Preaching Seminar in Kampala, Uganda

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bill-i_profileIn April, Bill Issa and Reconciliation Baptist Church in Kampala hosted an Expository Preaching Seminar for area pastors, funded by HeartCry and a partner church in Bridgeport, California.  The seminar was taught by Pastor Chipita Sibale, co-pastor with Conrad Mbewe of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia.  In a land ravaged by... Keep Reading

Calls for Help in Kampala

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bill-i_profileFort Portal Asks for TrainingIn a previous newsletter, I wrote about my short mission trip to Fort Portal in Western Uganda. We had received a “Macedonian Call” from two small churches that wanted to embrace the reformed faith. I went there in February and preached the gospel in one of the two churches (photo below). In the after... Keep Reading

January 2017 Visit to Kampala, Uganda

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In January 2017, I had the privilege of visiting our missionary, Bill Issa, and his family in Kampala, Uganda. Kampala and the immediately surrounding area have a population of almost 4 million, and is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. This was my first visit to Uganda, and I would have to rate it fairly high among the African countries I have visited in terms of friendliness and development. I arrived late Saturday night, and Sunday morning joined Bill’s church, Reconciliation... Keep Reading

An Opportunity to Serve a Missionary Wife

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Priscilla IssaIn September, missionary pastor Bill Issa in Kampala, Uganda made us aware of an urgent health need for his wife, Priscilla. Multiple doctors were agreed in their concern over a pre-cancerous condition and recommended immediate surgery. Priscilla is the mother of six children. Because of your generosity as donors, we were able to fund the ope... Keep Reading

Kenya: New Members and Missionary Fellowship

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Sam Oluoch is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu, Kenya. Here are some segments from his recent report: GBC new membersNEW MEMBERSIn August, four people were brought into church membership: Joshua, Lynda, Amos and Magomere. Joshua and Magomere went through water baptism the same day, since they were led to faith in Christ through GBC’s minist... Keep Reading

Praises and Struggles in Uganda

Posted July 6, 2016  by: Bill Issa |0 Comments

b.issa_profileEncouraging GrowthThe Lord is, slowly but surely, building His church in Uganda before our eyes.Through our person-to-person evangelism, brother Jovan shared the gospel with Fred, his neighbor, and invited him to come and worship with us on the Lord’s Day. After service, Fred confessed publicly that he had never heard such a gospel in h... Keep Reading

Baptism Testimony from Kampala, Uganda

Posted April 10, 2016  by: Bill Issa |0 Comments

b.issa_profile“In December, we had a baptism and Alex was among those who were baptized. Who is Alex? Alex is a young man whom the Lord saved from the lion’s teeth of Miracle Center Ministries, the biggest charismatic, word-of-faith ‘church’ in Uganda. He was in the church’s dance group. According to Alex, he was miraculously ... Keep Reading

Ministry Training Resources for Bill in Uganda

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b.issa_profileBill Issa is planting Reconciliation Baptist Church in Kampala, Uganda.  He conducts weekly ministry training classes for some men in the church, as well as men from another church across the city.  Here is his report on receiving training resources from HeartCry: "In Math 7:7, Jesus said, “Ask and it shall be given you.&rdqu... Keep Reading

Africa Points for Prayer: March

Posted March 5, 2015  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Greetings, my brothers and sisters in Christ! Beginning this month, I am intending to write a blog post every month (in addition to normal updates) devoted solely to a few points of prayer that relate directly to our HeartCry partners in Africa. My hope is that these points will help you to know better how you can pray specifically for the needs on the field as they arise. We are truly grateful for the prayers that are offered daily by you who follow these blogs and the other available resources... Keep Reading

Uganda: A New Frontier

Posted December 12, 2014  by: Forrest Hite |0 Comments

Uganda FlagIn October, HeartCry began to support Pastor Bill Issa, who has planted a church in Kampala, Uganda. We are excited for the opportunity to begin supporting a biblical work in this needy country and to partner with Bill as he seeks to make God's Name great in Uganda. HeartCry missionaries Sam Oluoch, Paul Onyango, and Naphtally Ogallo in Kenya will... Keep Reading

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