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Malachi 1:11

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Screenshot 2019-10-16 16.39.55In his latest report, Pastor Kwenda of Choma, Zambia gives us one of those rare glimpses of deeply painful trials that pastors must endure as they faithfully shepherd the flock God has entrusted to their care. His story also highlights the great benefit of being sent by a bibl... Keep Reading

Mala Francis baptismThe Gospel OpposedOur men and women continue to evangelize relentlessly. At a recent outing, we were very surprised at the level of resistance to our message and presence. We were shouted at, cursed, and had all kinds of insults hurled at us. This was drastically different from previous experien... Keep Reading

Painful Discipline Case in Kampala

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RBC New Members PrayerOur Africa updates are often filled with the encouraging news of baptisms, conversion testimonies, churches growing spiritually, and pastors being trained in biblical truth.  But church-planting has hard moments of deep pain also.  The first discipline case of a beloved member by a ne... Keep Reading

Planting Gospel Seed in Physical Weakness

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Mguni familyChris Mnguni is planting a church in Daveyton, a township of Johannesburg, South Africa. In recent reports, he has mentioned feeling chronic fatigue after several years of hard church-planting work. It was encouraging to read in his last report of practical steps his family is taking to feel better. Equally enco... Keep Reading

First Baptisms for Grace Baptist Nairobi!

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Baptism Candidates & SamA Historic DaySunday, September 8, was a historic day in the life of Grace Baptist Church Nairobi as they celebrated their first baptisms. Pastor Sam Oluoch writes: “The special day began with very chilly weather. Had the pool not been heated, we might well have postponed the ba... Keep Reading

G.BandaPastor German Banda is planting John Laing Reformed Baptist Church in one of the poorer areas of Lusaka. In the midst of poverty, hardship, broken families, and false religion, German is seeing the power of the Gospel transform lives: “We are grateful to the Lord for the conversions we have experienced for the past f... Keep Reading

Kenya: Veteran Counsel to Young African Pastors

Posted August 28, 2019  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Sam smilingIt would be understandable if a young man aspiring to ministry looked at Pastor Sam Oluoch and wanted what he has - years of faithful ministry, a happy family, a house and car.  But few young men know the years of hardship leading to this pastor's current condition.  Faithfulness in ministry and establishi... Keep Reading

South Africa: Teaching Women Systematic Theology

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Theology class 1Brother Paul Washer has often observed that, when it comes to theological instruction and the serious study of Scripture, women are one of the most neglected groups in the global church. Too often they are seen preparing food and caring for children while the men are engaged in doctrinal discussion. Yet... Keep Reading

Zambia: Pastor Encouraged by Faithful Men

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Lucy K baptism (small)In a followup to a previous article, we wanted to share this beautiful photo of Lucy being baptized by Pastor Joshua Lungu in Kasama, Zambia. In his most recent update, Pastor Lungu shares about some faithful men who are such an encouragmenet to him: "Our Saturday morning meetings have been a g... Keep Reading

Quinton street preaching (small)Monday morning began with a WhatsApp update from Pastor Mario in Bellville South, Cape Town, South Africa. The update followed an all too common theme - another gang shooting, another young man murdered. This has become a weekly, and sometimes daily, occurrence in their commun... Keep Reading

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